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Holy Roman Empire


You should check out our provinces..they're pretty intelligent. We've got all the technology they've got.


Through marriage, we have been able to acquire much of Europe, therefore accumulating various types of culture into our reign.


We're Roman Catholic!!


It's good to be a Habsburg! I've inherited.. basically everything. I have the entire Austrian domains, as well as Spain which means I get some of Italy and the Americas. I am one powerful guy hehehe. I mean, it's great. Everyone knows everyone cuz we've married our way to power! Yah my sister's husbands sister's brother-in-law has power in one place and then you've got my brother's wife's brother's sister-in-law with connections in another place. Well, I've got some places to run, people to see, then a meeting over coffee in Vienna! -- Charlie (Charles V)

Wheeeewweee.. I'm exhausted! All I've been doing lately is spending time with the Lutheran movement! And boy do they move! Not only has it been so time consuming with them, but I've been trying to deal with the imperial princes. They are some tricky guys, using the controversy surrounding religion to get some independence. I mean, hey, that's a pretty good strategy, maybe if I didn't already have so much power I would applaud them and try to do it myself but they've gotta be dealt with. Anyway, I'm just gonna make sure my empire is run the way I want it to be run. Afterall, I'm in charge, I can do it my way with my own laws and customs. Forget administrative structure! Who needs it. It's my way or the highway! xoxoxo Charlie!

Ugh! Foreigners! So much difficulty! It just seems like everything is in the way from establishing my WONDERFUL empire as the sole power. Stupid Holy Roman Empire...its just a prospect yet you've got those little French kings getting their french panties in a twist and the sultans of the Ottoman are shaking in their little Ottoman shoes --whatever they wear. French is scared of everything ha. They're afraid of me -- as they should be. Thinking I'm going to extend my territory... psh. Anyway, they're trying to do whatever they can to keep me from taking over and infringing upon them. Silly little kings.They try to ally up with the German Lutherans to cause some trouble and get those Ottomans against us. It doesn't scare me. Ok, I've gotta go set things straight. See ya! -- Charlie

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