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Queen Liluokalani soon after she was removed from power

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United States


The Hawaiins diet was based mostly off of fishing. They created fish pools where they harvested fish and ate them. Hawaiins also used some agricultural techniques and with the arrival of the Americans became experts in agriculture. Today Hawaii grows bananas, pineapple, and other popular fruits.


Originating from Tahiti, we traveled to Hawaii on large boats. Before the arrival of Americans we had a Monarchy. During the mid 19th century Hawaii became a large export of sugar. In 1898 hawaii was annexed to the United states. Our Queen Liluokalani was forced to step down and Sanford B. Dole became our local leader. Once the Americans came our language was fazed out and english became the primary langauge of Hawaii. Some of us work like slaves under Dole harvesting sugar cane. Today, Hawaii is a popular destination for tourists from around the world.


Hawaiins have a simmilar style religion to that of Polynesians. They have four gods who were created before the earth. These Gods are Lono,Kane,Kuna, and Kanaloa.


  • It is getting late and the sun is setting. I love living in Hawaii it is so beautiful. Each morning I wake up and harvest the sugar cane fields so I can feed my family. Although it is tough work it is an honest living. However, as I get old my back is beggining to go and it is hard for me to walk.
  • The Americans have Taken control of our society. They just march in here with there fancy uniforms and take over our fields. Our queen is being forced out of power and our country is falling. I wish there was more I could do to stop the Americans from taking over my homeland.* I can't believe we have been annexed to the United States. I thought America was a free nation but how come I feel so persecuted? I do not like this man Dole either. He is definetly profitting off of our large fruit fields.

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