Early Hebrews, located on lands between Mesopotamia and Egypt, (B.C.E. 1224 - 1211)

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MOSES: He (Moses) is our very own Hebrew liberator, leader, lawgiver, prophet, and historian who still lives to this very day in the thirteenth century B.C.E.

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Here is a picture of our very own Hebrew, Moses, parting the Red Sea.
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Cultural Technologies:

"Ideographic or Syllabic Writing: c. 33rd century B.C. Sumerians invent writing from commercial inscriptions.c. 31st century B.C. Egyptian hieroglyphics developed from Sumerian models.c. 19th century B.C. Babylonian cuneiform adapted from Sumerian script.c. 12th century B.C. Assyrian cuneiform is adapted from Babylonian writing.Alphabetic Writing:c. 16th century B.C. First alphabetic script, North Semitic, appears in Palestine.c. 13th century B.C. Phoenician alphabet derived from North Semitic prototype.
c. 11th century B.C. Early Hebrew script derived from North Semitic prototype.
c. 10th century B.C. Aramaic alphabet derived from North Semitic script.
c. 8th century B.C. South Semitic script introduced to Yemen"(http://www.worldhistorysite.com/culttech.html).


W"e early Hebrews are nomads, wandering tribal groups who are organized along classic tribal logic. Society is principally organized around kinship with a rigid kinship hierarchy...The third aspect that emerges is that these tribal groups of early Hebrews wandered far and wide, that is, that they did not occupy the lands around Palestine; this occupation would come considerably later. They seem to freely move from Palestine, across the deserts, and as far as Egypt. At several points in the narrative, Hebrew tribes move to Egypt in order to find a better life. It would not be unfair to imagine that the Hebrews were among the infinite variety of foreigners who overwhelmed Egypt at the end of the Middle Kingdom. Beyond this it is difficult to come to certain conclusions. As far as the religion of the early Hebrews are concerned, it is generally believed that it had nothing to do with the Yahweh cult which is introduced by Moses, for Exodus asserts that Moses is the first to hear the name of god, Yahweh. The Hebrew accounts of the patriarchs generally use the term "Elohim" (God), "El Shaddai" (God Almighty), and other variants. Several religious practices described in Genesis seem to indicate a belief in animistic forces and even, possibly, polytheism, but these passages are highly controversial. All we know for certain is that by the end of the patriarchal age, several tribes identified with one another as having a common ancestor and a common identity. We don't even know what they called themselves; we haven't successfully figured out where the term "Hebrew" comes from, although the best guess is that it comes from the Egyptian word, "apiru," or "foreigner." Several members of these tribes, whatever they called themselves, at some point migrated to Egypt, and Egypt would be the crucible in which would form the people and nation of Israel"(http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/HEBREWS/PATRIARC.HTM). external image hammurabi.gif

System of Law: [scroll over to the right all the way to see a picture of Hammurabi's code]
Our system of law is based on Hammurabi's code (of laws), or the idea of "lex talonis," ("...an eye for an eye...a tooth for a tooth..."). This law system of ours is meant, and held, to punish criminals in the same way or manner that they "hurt" another person, so that they get "a taste of their own medicine." Also, Hammurabi was the king and chief priest of Babylon(ia) from B.C.E. 1792-1750 whose empire grew and expanded so greatly before he began to focus most of his energies and powers toward justice and wealth for his people. He created a code protecting all classes of Babylonian society, including women and slaves. He sought protection of the weak from the powerful and the poor from the rich. The carving on the stone on which the code is written depicts Hammurabi receiving the divine laws from the sun god, the god most often associated with justice. This stone was unearthed by French archaeologists at S_sa, Iraq (ancient Elam), in 1901-02. The black diorite rock is 2.4 m high and had been broken into three pieces.


"The relationship with god is also a kinship relationship: anybody outside the kinship structure (anybody who isn't a descendant of Abraham) is not included in the special relationship with God. At the top of the kinship hierarchy is a kind of tribal leader; we use the Greek word, "patriarch," which means "father-ruler." Well into the monarchical period and beyond, the Hebrews seem to dynamically remember their tribal character, for Genesis associates civilization with Cain and his descendants (meaning that civilization is not a good thing) and the history of the monarchy is clearly written from an anti-monarchical stance, since it is made clear that desiring a king is disobedience to God"(http://www.wsu.edu/~dee/HEBREWS/PATRIARC.HTM).


Blog Entry One, April 1st, 1223 B.C.E.: Who influences Mesopotamia right now??? That's right; we, the early Hebrews, do !!!!! And, who preserves their memories of their historical experiences in an extensive collection of sacred writings??? Hey, what do you know, right again; that's also correct; we do !!!!! Oooh, and, oh yeah, who are speakers of the (their) "ancient" Hebrew language??? Party over here, whoop, whoop! That would be, aah, duh, us again!!!!! Gee, who else did you think it could be-GOSH!!

Blog Entry Two, May 4th, 1220 B.C.E.: So far, to this date, we have been hangin' , I mean...chillin', wit' our (home) boys, our home dogs and home slices, if you will,--that would be, the Israelites...and the Jews......oh yeah, and those Mesopotamians, and some...various other peeps as well..--for over 2,000 years --- that's more than two millenia !!!--Yeah, it's like, totally, way longer...I think--or not ?!? We all, that is, all of our buddies out here in the M-E-S-...seriously helped out each other's people(s)- by helping one another's societies, by making them all grow, and you know, develop and stuff. Sweet deal, huh ?!?

Blog Entry Three, June 21st, 1212 B.C.E.: Oh, well--anyways, like I was saying man, I miss the Israelites, our Israelites. It's such a shame that they decided to just go and make such a rash decision as to just - just - branch off from us, dudemanguy...Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, like if I didn't cry myself to sleep enough times, they then had to go and move to Palestine (Israel) after 1300 B.C.E., on a dark and gloomy, dreary night...and settle there and remain there for good...What - such - turncoats ! Oh yeah, and hey-yo dawg, I almost forgot to ask you, - Is it just me, or have there been mad migrations to Palestine from herre--these lands between Mesopotamia and Egypt, real - recently......??? Also, the Israelites are the ethnic group who claim that they descended from Abraham and Isaac (and, especially from Jacob, the son of Isaac), and the Israelites are the "nation" whom God chose to receive his revelation and with whom God chose to make a covenant (partially taken from: "Exodus 19"). Lastly, the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of us early Hebrews and recording our history as the chosen people are known to us (and everyone else) as the Old Testament, the first half of our Christian Bible.

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