Our empire has all of the technologies of the different empires that were a part of it. Some of the most interesting is the Greek and Roman architecture, terracotta figures, and relief paintings.
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Our culture is very advanced. We, of course love to conquer as many regions as possible, and expand our Empire. We also are very interested in art and philosophy, having many great philosophers such as Archimedes and Agrippa. We also have many advanced schools of thought.
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Blog 1:
We has officially commenced, what will surely be a long lived empire, today with the death of Alexander of Macedon our empire stretches from the eastern Mediterranean through Egypt, Mesopotamia, The Iranian Plateau, Central Asia and some of India.

Blog 2:
Our Empire has turned out to be not as lengthy as first expected. This thought follows the collapsing of our empire now occurring. The catalyst for this was the Battle of Actium in which Octavian of Rome fought and defeated Marc Anthony of Egypt, and Egypt removed itself from the empire. This is a sad day for the world.

Blog 3:
Although our empire has officially collapsed we will prevail. As long as our culture stays alive, as it has in areas such as Greece, Rome, Bactria, and Northern India.

Hellenistic Empire (323- 31 B.C.E)

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Map of our empire.






There is no offficial religion for our Empire. The religion concists of all the different religions practiced in the different sections of the empire; most of which are polytheistic and revolve around many important gods and creation myths such as those practiced in Egypt, Greece, and Rome.


The Wall

Comments/shouts/props from peoples to peoples (stay in character)