Igbos (Nigeria) unknown - present

The Igbo people live mostly in the Southeastern states of Nigeria



In precolonial times iron was very important to us.


We greatly value a strong stable group with many individual acheivements. We remain strong as
a whole. Many people around us know that we work very hard. We are frequently referred to as
the "go-and-get people" since we strive for the best. In Nigeria we have entered conflict with many
people of other groups located in the country.

This mask is worn by Igbo men in Nigeria upon reaching adulthood, where they are then able to
enter a secret society.


We have some background in the Christian belief. This information and influence has led us to
belief that those who are fair and just on earth will be rewarded in heaven, and those who are
cruel will be punished in hell. We also belief that if someone's life ended to soon before they could
finish what they were set out to do, they may get a second chance on earth. This situations often
comes up when a young child dies before he or she is old enough to make any real contributions.
A parent then goes to speak to a diviner who will give them a reading of the future.


Blog Entry 1: 1968 I fled the northern states to get away from the Muslim rule that was being
enforced against my people from the Hausa and Fulani. Three eastern states came together to
form the Biafran Republic and we preoceeded to secede. I thought I would be safe here but the
other regions of Nigeria did not agree with our secession. We are now in the midst of a horrible
civil war and a fear that there is no peaceful way out. The Biafran Republic is highly outnumbered
and it looks like our newly formed state will soon be over.

Blog Entry 2: 2000 I cannot believe how much the Muslims are enforcing their rules on us. The
fact that so many of them are adopting the Sharia is very upsetting. The women of our country
facing more and more punishments. A bunch of us Igbos are forming a plan to attck the Muslims.
We will to anything to decrease the amount of power that they claim to hold over us.

Blog Entry 3: 2002 As a women in Nigeria I knew that when I became pregnant before entering
marriage I would be punished. I have been convicted and am waiting for my death sentence to
com in constant mourning. Recently another women was actually stoned to death for her
involvement in adultery. I know that I too will be put to death but I can only imagine the way I
will go. I wish there could be some kind of justice. I am an Igbo but because I live in an area
dominated by Muslims, I have to follow their rules.

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