-After the fall of Tawantinsuyu, our new Spanish rulers brutally repress the people and their traditions. Many aspects of Inca culture are systematically destroyed, including our sophisticated farming system. The Spaniards used our Inca mita (mandatory public service) system to literally work the people to death. One member of each family is forced to work in the gold and silver mines, the foremost of which was the titanic silver mine at Potosí. When a family member dies, which will usually happen within a year or two, the family will be required to send a replacement.

-We Incas believed in reincarnation. Those who obey the Incan moral code — ama suwa, ama llulla, ama quella (do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy) — go to live in the Sun's warmth. Others spend their eternal days in the cold earth. The Inca also practice cranial deformation. We achieve this by wrapping tight cloth straps around the heads of newborns in order to alter the shape of their still-soft skulls into a more conical form. Studies are needed to determine whether these deformations caused actual brain damage.
-The Aqllawasi (Acllahuasi) which means "house of the sun virgins" is developed under the Incans in Peru at about 1438–1532 CE . Its central purpose is in the manufacturing of garments for the Inca royalty and the worship of the sun god, Inti.

Incas- located in Cuzco and Peru (1438-1533)

Incan Ruins in Cuzco external image MysteriesOfTheLostIncas.jpg


Aztecs (Mexica)


-An important Inca technology is the Quipu, which are assemblages of knotted strings used to record information, the exact nature of which is no longer known. These devices are a form of writing in their own right
-We make many discoveries in medicine. We perform successful skull surgery, which involves cutting holes in the skull to release pressure from head wounds. Coca leaves are used to lessen hunger and pain, as they still are in the Andes. The Chasqui (messengers) chewed coca leaves for extra energy to carry on their tasks as runners delivering messages throughout the empire.
-Our Incan road system is key to farming success as it allowed distribution of foodstuffs over long distances. We also construct vast storehouses, which allowed us to live through El Niño years while neighboring civilizations suffer.




Blog 1: Atahualpa,our last Inca sovereign emperor was executed on the orders of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, marking the beginning of Spanish rule in our country. This is very sad for us because we do not like spanish rule at all because of their harsh conditions they force on us.
Blog 2: We have many local forms of worship, most of them concerning local sacred "Huacas", but our leadership encourages the worship of Inti, the sun god. They try to impose it against the cult of Pachamama which is the main common deity worshiped in the Andean area
Blog 3: Túpac Inca's son Huayna Cápac has been adding significant territory to the south. Tahuantinsuyu includes Peru and Bolivia where we are meeting massive resistance by the mapuche tribes.

The Wall

We {the Tainos} sympathize with you guys. The Spanish suck. Really. They started out friendly with the both of us and then they turned around and slaughtered us like cattle. Plus they brought along a ton of diseases that prolonged our suffering in a horribly sick way. Just so you know, we also worship many gods. Yeah for polytheism! The whole idea of "reincarnation" is totally unheard of to us, though. Your transportation networks were pretty fantastic--being on the Carribbean islands limits transportation if you don't have very efficient boats. We have them, but they don't travel very far. When the Spanish came over they also wanted our stuff. Go figure.

Though we are not around anymore i think that we should warn you about some of the territory that you hold. Some of the environmental aspects are not good at all. We the Moche lived in the Andes too and the shore around where Peru is and when the rivers flooded it ruined our crops and there were earthquakes. Eventually we were forced to abandon our cities. Our culture was desimated so just be careful where you put things around there
fair warning from
~ the Moche

So...rumor through the trade routes is you guys got slammed by the Spanish. Well, we did too. Kinda sucks. Did they pull that 'disease blanket' crap on you guys too? Yeah, not cool. Maybe sometime we should unite and get back at them. We can find a way. Don't know how, but they deserve a beating. I mean, diseased blankets? Such a low blow. Send word if you're interested. -Aztecs (Mexica)

Chavin Cult 1438
Hey, one of the last true Chavin Cult peoples talking here. I'm truly astounded by the amount Spanish culture has grown over the years. According to some of our historical texts, such as the Raimondi Stela, we were one of the only tribes or cults back around 200 BCE. Since then, the Moche, the Chimor, the Chachapoyas and many other groups of people have called our Peru home. We are finally one huge empire thanks to you guys and hopefully we can produce a syncretic culture with ideas from all of the Peruvian tribes in our great history.
Just giving a shout out until next time...
~Chavin Cult

Late 1500's. my people are gone, there is nothing left of the Chucuito people. There is no place to go home to. We are technically now your people but we will never be one of you. We will, I will hang onto my culture as long as i can.

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