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India's location in the Indian Ocean caused it to be the center of trade during the 1700s. Also, the mountains at India's northern borders have influenced the spread of religion, culture and ideas into and our of the subcontinent.


Chola Kingdom
United States
Mauryan Dynasty


medicine, algebra, geometry, arithmatic, astrology, pottery,


I find that respect for elders, especially parents is very important. Although I am very math oriented, I have had some good writers. I am very family oriented. I know many different languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marati, Tamil, Urdu, Hindi, and English.


Primarily Hindu, but also Muslim, Jain, Sikh, and Buddhist.



August 15, 1947: Finally, I am free from the grip of Britain! It was a long and bloody stuggle, and many lives were lost, but the sweet smell of independence tells me that these lives were not lost in vain. I must admit, I didn't think it was entirely possible, seeing that the Muslim League and the Congress had some miscommunications and neither of them were reading each other's messages properly. However, World War II had greatly weakened Britain,and this allowed us to achieve victory! At midnight this morning, my streets were ringing with the delighted shout of "Jaihind1" (Long Live India). I see a long and prosperous future for India in the years to come.

Blog 2: Today was my favorite holiday: Holi! Celebrated on the full moon of the holy month of Phalguna, this holiday honors the God Krishna. The myth on which this holiday is based tells of how the evil demonness Holika was burned in a funeral pyre afer being dfeated by Krishna. The flame is a symbol of Krishna's defeat of evil in the world, and is celebrated by the lighting of candles and fireworks. Holi is a also a festival of color. People wear all white clothing and throw coloful powder on their friends as a may of celebrating the conquering of evil by their god, Krishna.

Blog 3: Today another violent outburst erupted in Kashmir. Bombs exploded throughout the province, killing innocent civilians. I want this violence to end! Can't the Kashmiri people see that I am their ruler? They were mine when I became independent and they will stay that way. Of course Pakistan claims that Kashmir belongs to them, since the population is primarily Muslim, but who had the territory first? I wish there was a way to end this diplomatically, but the terrorism and violence that has been occuring is telling me that the people of the Kashmir are unwilling to compromise. I do not want to respond to violence with more violence, but, ironically, it seems to be the only way to keep people safe!

The Wall

Sikhs April 26, 2007 6:45 PM: I truly love my India. Where else can Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc etc get together and form a nation? India has the most and the best democratic society in the world. I truly find it amazing to see a country where Sikhs are a major part of society. There is a Sikh at the highest level of politics, Manmohan Singh. There is a Sikh cricketer, Bishen Singh Bedi. Props to you guys! And remember, East or West INDIA IS THE BEST!Hello there. Just wanted to say we love you guys! We do so much community work there and you guys are just so great. So kind, open-minded, and always giving a helping hand. We love the work we do there because it really makes a difference and without your support it would be impossible. Thanks! -Jesuits

Jainists Just wanted to say thanks for being a great place to found our religion. India was a great place in which to seek salvation! We can't think of anywhere else we'd want to be in order to search our souls and completely devout ourselves to nature.

Aryans- Hey hows it going , I just have a question for you. Why aren't we friends. I mean we are so close that we are brothers , but you don't want our friendship to be known. Is it the war like behavior , I'm sorry but being peaceful and good is boring besides without war we wouldn't been able to expand. Just remember , we made you what you are. You would be just India another country in Asia. But no , you are India ......WoW!!!. Be grateful. I'm so mad now I'm going into town and gambling my anger away. !!!!!! :0!

We love you India! You must love us too because we are the first empire to have brought a centralized and unifed government to the subcontinent! "you stay classy, India" -Mauryan Dynasty

YEAH!!! OUR HOMELAND!!! Our empire was able to extend the Mauryan's unified government during our reign, until we were pulverized by those White Huns! urghh....! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! -Gupta Dynasty

- We the Chola Kingdom provided you, India, with relative stability in the south by our expanding trade into southeast Asian markets. Also, in the Hindu temples we constructed, authorities served as banker, made loans, and invested in commercial and business ventures. This benefited Indian merchants and producers. Coastal towns like Calicut and Quilon flourished. Love, the Chola Kingdom

Hey India! You are literally our dream come true! We've worked so hard to help you become the independent state you are today. From walking thousands of miles to having our leader jailed, we've gone through it all just to ensure your future as an independent nation. Now look at you, all grown up with an official flag (aww you're too sweet), constitution, and everything. We're so proud of the progress you're making as a democracy! Keep up the good work and try to remember your Hindu lessons on ahimsa a little more (fight a little less with your Muslim brothers), okay? -Indian National Congress

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