The Irish 4000BCE-Present

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Great Britian
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Technology/Agricultural Hardships

Technology in Ireland dates back to the Bronze age. Once Copper was mixed with Tin around 2000 BCE, people in Ireland began to make Ballybeg axes or flat axes. With the production of the Ballybeg axes the Copper age was ushered in Ireland. Also during this time period there was a shift in buiring our dead from megalithic tombs to more simple stone cists which could fit easier in cemteries. Agriculture reached Ireland about 2000 BCE. Our main crop is the potatoe because the land here is not very good for growing much else. It is very rocky and the climate here is very cold and wet. The British used us to grow a lot of their own crops. Then in 1740 the Great Irish Famine hit killing about 400,000 people. There were a few causes to the Famine but the main reasons were that a disease hit the potatoes killing them and a string of extremly cold winters.



Living in Ireland can be very tough. Throughout our history we have had other people try and succesfully invade us. People like the Vikings were the first to invade our country. After a long stay by the Vikings the Normans had taken over and many Earls ruled over Ireland for that time period. Then around 1254 the Norman presence declined and a resurgence of Galiec culture came. After the Black Death had come and gone the English area had shrunk considerably. The area that was left became known as the pale which was fortified area around Dublin. Outside of the pale, the natives found that there language and culture became the main language of the country. Then in 1536 we Irish people went under another change from Great Britian. When HenryVIII wanted a divocre from his wife the Pope would not have it. So HenryVIII broke away from Catholicism in Rome and Formed Protestancism. While Great Britian, Wales, and Soctland recognized Protestantism Ireland remained Catholic. This would make the relatioship between Ireland and Great Britian for the Next 400 years. From this Henry VIII decided to regain Ireland so the Island did not become a launching point for forgein attacks. This also set up many problems that Ireland would have to face. The 17th centruy was the bloddiest century in our countries history. Parts of it were fighting with the British and others were from Civil War. Much of our Culture is based on being Independent from Britian and it shows up in our music. Some intruments that we identify ourselves with are the Fiddle, Mandelin, Windpipes, Guitar and our version of the Bagpipes. Our favorite Holiday is St. Patricks Day. Not only is it a great day becuase of all the drinks but becuase we celebrate savoir of Ireland St. Patrick.


The relgion of Ireland is Catholic: Many of the saints in Catholithism are Irish or have Irish names.


Blog1: 1856 Today me and my family set sail for America becuase of the Potatoe famine. There is absolutely no food in our home. It is a bitter sweet day for me and me father. Ireland is the only home that have known and our family has lived here for generations. On the other hand we are going to this new place in America called Boston. My father said that there were plenty of other irish Folk in Boston. He said that there would be plenty of Opportunities for us there. I am a little skeptical about leaving though. My idea was to go to England and live with our Mothers Uncle, but since my Father didn't trust the British and are mad becuase they refused to help us in our time of need. So we are "SHIPPING UP TO BOSTON".

Blog2: 1717 Today those bloody Englishmen tried to stop me for going to Church today. They think thta they can get the whole couintry to change to a new relgion called Protestantism. The King of England is apparently unhappy about his wife not giving birth to a boy. So he decides that he is going to go against the pope and forma new relgion so he can get a divorce. And then he has the oddassity to try and change the religion of all the surrounding countries as well. He tries to get his men to come into our Ireland and say that Catholicism will no longer be practiced. He has lost his flipping mind. I will tell you that the great country of Ireland will not stand for this. We will make his life and his succesors lives hell for the next four hundred years.

Blog3: 2007 Its St. Patricks day and everybody in Ireland is ready for a great day. Not only do we get to party like nobody else in the world but it gives us a chance to celebrate one of the greatest Saints in Catholicism. St. Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. There is the thing about him banishing the snakes from the Island but this is mostly legend because there were no snakes in Ireland in the first place. He is also credited with teaching the Trinity symbolized by the Three leaf Clover to us however this can't be proven. Even though these myths can't be proven you can see why we love him so much. He is the symbol of ireland and our Patron Saint.

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The Wall

The Languages that are spoke here are mainly English and Gailec.

You know, the Irish aren't from Ireland to begin with. and i am shocked that the people who made you who you are...colonized you!...are not among your friends. Ireland rules and we chose to stay but remember where you came from...aight
-the Celts

We are proud that the Irish stayed Catholic even from the pressures of England and all of the protestant movements. We are proud that the Irish are loyal to the papal and more importantly to God. You realize that you can only get Salvation through the living word of God and through the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Excellant and good job. May God Bless you and stay strong. Remember What Would Jesus Do. Catholics