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Islamic Empire ( dar al-Islam)



Southeast Asia
Mediterranean Basin (Italy)


We were able to extended the growing season which lead to surplus in food and a booming textile industry. We manufactured indigo and henna dyes in large quantities. We made big advances in the cultivation of our crops by developing better techniques in irrigation, fertilization, and crop rotation. During the Abbasid era, paper manufacturing started to take place. We traveled over land by camel caravan. Our major cities have caravanserias, inns for merchants, that offered food, water and care for their animals. Maritime trade became increasing popular because we able to make inovations in nautical technology. We borrowed the compass from its Chinese inventors. We created a banking system and we established multiple branches that honored letters of credit (sakk). Through trade (especially with the Europeans and Chinese), we obtained gunpowder weapons for our artillery and firearms, which were advanced and beneficial to the many conquests. Our naval is not shabby either. After all, we were able to take over the Mediterranean ports. It also allowed us to trade long distances in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and Arabian Sea.


We have a large population of merchants and have many different merchant clans. We levied a special tax called jizya, on those who did not convert to Islam. As Muslims, if we are able to, we make a pilgrimage to Mecca called the Hajj. As a whole, we are Islamic devouts. The devotion to Islam caused some strains in the Islamic population because of differing interpretations of the Quran. This division is between the Shiites and Sunnis. Also, due to Islamic values, women were stripped of any social and political influences. They were and remain merely objects of their families, serving their husbands and fathers. Before the establishment of Islam as a national religion, women had rights to own businesses, and divorce their husbands. Instead, they are considered as objects and sex- slaves in society.


Islam is the official religion, but the vast Islamic empire is very diverse. We have populations of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Jains, and Sikhism.


Blog 1
The Janissaries has done well. Their loyalty to the sultan and zeal have a positive impact on conquering new territories. We have just sacked Constantinople!, and renamed it Istanbul. Under the guidance of Mehmed, this empire will surely be the longest lasting empire to exist. Our technology is far superior (won the naval war with Venice and captured much of coastal Mediterranean, although Western Europe have yet to be conquered). Although we are mostly concerned with conquering all of India, and the Middle East, we should invade Europe.
European powers are a concern because they are effective power forces that will one day contend with us. They have the power to end our great legacy, because as history has proven, they have invaded and conquered almost every colored nation. Hopefully, our tight centralized authority will consolidate our hold on our existing provinces. Military campaigns will improve in a speedy fashion so that we are ready to arm, and be protected.
Blog 2

There is a new leader on the rise, and he is to be taken seriously. Babur claims descent from the renowned Chinggis Khan and Tamerlane. Babur is said to be a prodigal man, thoughtlessly and whimsically spending his fortune. His pursuits for war are seen as juvenile, nothing more than a silver spoon child wanting to play with toy soldiers. However, he must be dealt with because he is quickly gaining land in India and west of it.
He has a son who will be an effectively weak ruler. As the same goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Humayan spends his day writing poetry instead of learning how to govern an empire. It will not be long until we invade and take over the empire. The land of Anatolia contains 20% of the world’s production of rice. It will be foolish of to not exploit that commodity.

Blog 3
The world’s a changing. Women are gaining suffrage around the world, but we shall not allow it in the Middle East. Surely enough, if we continue on this path, our empire will fall apart like the Ottomans. The problem with some of our previous empires was that they gave their wives and mothers equal status. The women were allowed to express their opinions in state and political issues. How can they? Women are emotional, reckless, and belong in the kitchen. They have no matter with politics, with the affairs of our empire. Did you know that Suleyman sought advice from Hurrem Sultana?! Jahangir even let his wife, Nur Jahan run the government. It is no wonder that the Mughal empire fell, and now the Ottoman empire has just been divided by the white people.
The Ottomans had no right to be in the Great War, and their weak leadership and strategic skills put them in that position. They were not confident enough as a nation, so they made alliances with the white people who, through history, only bring tragedy to foreign nations. We must convince that it was the influence of western values and modernization that give women the rule. However, we must oppress them, and let man rule. We our own nation, and we must assert Islamic values in the government.

The Wall

Sultanate of Delhi Hey, we here in Delhi have totally got your back. Did you see all of the Hindu and Buddhist sites that were completely destroyed and were replaced by mosques? Yeah, that was us, you can thank us later. Islam is the greatest religion ever!
Kingdom of Ghana: Your merchants are pretty cool. They really helped us become an awesome kingdom, since you guys wanted gold from us for buyers in the Mediterranean basin and in the Islamic empire and all. We became THE gold-trading center, which is a pretty sweet title if you ask us (obviously). Our capital, Koumbi-Saleh grew to be wealthy, so we put up mosques and supported Muslim scholars and qadi. Our kings converted to Islam, which made trade with your merchants even more beneficial to us. Thanks for everything!

Kushan Empire Like Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam did not enter into southeast Asia as an exclusive faith. Our rulers who converted to Islam often continued to honor Hindu, Buddhists or native southeast Asia traditions. We didn't adopt Islam as an absolute creed but rather to help facilitate trade with foreign Muslim. How does that make you feel to know that we only posed as believers for our own economic benefit? P-O-N-E-D

YES! ISLAM! But seriously guys, how can you even think of having an empire of Islamic dudes without the Fulani? That just isn't cool. I mean, that's like not inviting the geeks to the chess tournament. Yeah, we're African, but that doesn't mean you can reach an arm out and extend the empire just a few thousand miles away. For the love of Allah, it's just the right thing to do.

Rock on,
The Fulani

Saljuq Turks - Hey Islam, hows it going? Originally our people thought that we could get by with just shamans connecting us to a higher power, but boy, were we wrong! As soon as most of our people switched to following the Islamic faith and the will of Allah, great things began to happen to us. We were finally able to take over Anatolia, which our people had begun to live in years beforehand. Also, with the unity that this faith provided us, we were then able to join together to defeat the Byzantium empire in the glorious battle at Manzikert. Islam, with the will of Allah with you, keep spreading!!

Let's trade! Come to Niani for gold. We have plenty of gold in our country. We provide protection, lodging, and comforts for Muslim merchants. And while you're visiting and trading with us, see Timbuktu, Gao, and Jenne as well. These are some of our most prosperous trading centers. - Mali Empire

STOP KILLING MY PEOPLE! You got your seperate country, and you are NOT getting Kashmir, so get over it! -India

Umm, just want do say that yes we have been hated upon by many Islam sects but now people are realizing that we all come from Allah. So, yay for our religion no matter how many sects there are! Love ya! - Sufis

Yo, we appreciate the "religious freedom" if you wish to call it so that you give us, but the jizya?? It's WHACK! We shouldn't have to pay just because we do not accept Islamic principles or the religion in general. I mean, our religions derive from the same dude! The more you tax us, them ore pissed we're gonna be, and you know that's not good. That spells 'rebellion' brothers. So let's cut the taxes, and just let us pray the way we want. Sound good? Fo' shizzle. -Judaism

Hey you guys are pretty cool. Thanks for giving us many oppurtunities to trade with you! - Songhay Empire

No, no. This is not working. Ottomans, please improve your military technology. The Islamic empire is slowly on the decline. We cannot lose you because you are the major player in the trade between Asia and Europe. – Islamic Empire

Thank you for allowing us to proselytize Christianity. However, we are still bitter about the fact that you invaded the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. The world is not big enough for the two of us. – Portugal

Thank you for trading silk with us. We love the convenience, and our people can't get enough of it. We're thinking about creating silk shirts and hope that it will do well in the market. Maybe it will become vogue, and we will send you some. -Italy

We cannot let the English import anymore coffee and tobacco. It is not a natural part of our culture, and will only debase it. Tobacco and drinking coffee are unhealthy habits, and we are only westernizing. As a nation, we are becoming more indulgent, and fallen off our religious path. Safavid Empire

Although we obtained our own communities, and are even allowed to establish our own laws, and essentially create our own mini society, there is a problem with the jizya. It doesn’t matter that we are taxed; it’s just that we feel we shouldn’t be subjected to a religious tax. Extend our religious rights and practice a tolerancy for other religions so that the nation can unify. - dhimmi


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