The culture in Italy is very rich in the arts. Throughout Italy you are bound to see murals, statues, and monuments left behind by our ancestors. Below are photos of a few of the most noted aspects of Italian culture...
In Italy, there is so much to do--come visit Venice and travel on one of our romantic Gondola rides

Or tour one of our museums where you might find one of Michelangelo's works--such as The Statue of David

The food is also a great part of Italian culture..from paninis to canolis...there is delicious food which can be satisfying to anyone...

Carnival is also a part of Italian culture which is very interesting. Carnival is a ceremony which begins at the start of Lent. The origins of carnival are the following:
Carnival is a time year when Catholics are not allowed to eat meat. The word for meat in Latin is carne. It is the derivation of an ancient roman cult the Saturnalia, a pagan rites of fertility which were celebrated as a devotion to the god Saturn. During those celebrations everything was allowed, even disguising and change of rules. Carnivals were modified substantially because of its magic and ritual nature with Christianity, but it still was tolerated by the clergy. During the 15th and 16th century some traditions were recaptured and the use of masks and public fancies spread all over the country. Now, in current times as a tradition Carnival is still celebrated. In places such as Venice, there is parades and celebrations where people dress up in goregous costumes and masks and dance while celebrating together.

Of course, here is a map of Italy! Our beautiful country...
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Italians (WWI-Present)

Above is an image of the Leaning Tower of Pisa--one of our landmarks which tourists flock to see each year and observe the wonder and beauty of the structure.


United States


Italians--we are just so perfect! Who cares about our technology when you can come to Italy and observe all of our precious arts, enjoy the tasty food, and emerse yourself in the Italian culture. With regards to technology, many people of Italian origin have created great things which have changed our world. Some of these include the type writer, the nuclear reactor, wireless telegraphy, the thermometer, the barometer, and the electric battery--just to name a few. Think about how different your world would be without all of these great technological advances! Ciao!



The main religion in Italy is Catholicism. Come to Vatican City and visit the Pope and you will observe this! Shown below is a picture of the beautiful St. Peter's Basilica located in Vatican City


Blog Entry One--The Great War
The Great War has just began. At the beginning of the war, we have decided to side with Germany due to the fact that they are more successful as a whole in comparison to the other sides of the war. As Italy, we are currently on the side of the Allies at the current time which is 1915. However, soon things might change...being an Italian, I have realized we are quite indecisive and often times we switch sides.

La guerra grande ha appena ha cominciato. All'inizio della guerra, abbiamo deciso parteggiare per la Germania data che riescono più nell'insieme rispetto agli altri lati della guerra. Come Italia, siamo attualmente dal lato degli alleati al tempo corrente che è 1915. Tuttavia, presto le cose potrebbero cambiare… essere un italiano, ho realizzato che siamo abbastanza non decisivi e spesso periodi commutiamo i lati.

Blog Entry Two--The Great War has progressed 1918
At this time our involvement in the war has changed. We are now on the side with the United States. We have found our efforts to be more compatible with those of a place such as France and Britain. It seems better now and hopefully this war will soon end it is so hard and stressful on the people of our country.

Attualmente la nostra partecipazione alla guerra è cambiato. Siamo ora dal lato con gli Stati Uniti. Abbiamo trovato i nostri sforzi essere più compatibili con quelli di un posto quali la Francia e la Gran-Bretagna. Sembra che migliore ora ed eventualmente questa guerra presto lo concluderà è così dura e stressante sulla gente del nostro paese.

Blog Entry Three--Current Times
Ciao! The year is now 2007. In Italy there is much going on since the new Pope Benedict XVI has came to our country. Soon I will visit him at the Vatican and we will be able to discuss current religious matters over a lunch of delicious foods such as paninis and canolis! Yummm! I can't wait!

Ciao! L'anno ora è 2007. In Italia molto sta accendendo poiché il nuovo papa Benedict che XVI ha è venuto al nostro paese. Presto lo visiterò al Vatican e potremo discutere sugli argomenti religiosi correnti sopra un pranzo degli alimenti squisiti quali i paninis e i canolis! Yummm! Non posso attendere!

The Wall

Ciao! A portion of our once wonderful empire became your delightful country. I am happy to say that we approve of the way in which you take care of teh territory. The art, sculptures, and cities are all beautiful. I do have to say though that I liked are empire slightly more, bur i'm biased. Anyway keep up the good work!!!
<33 the Holy Roman Empire
P.S. LOVE the food ; )

Thank you so much for recognizing our wonderful empire. We are glad to see that you can appreciate and cherish your past. We are also very proud of what you have become. It is wonderful to look to the future, and see that Rome has become a part of such a great nation, and of course you food is wonderful.
P.S. Thank you for taking care of all of our art, architecture, and of course our coliseum; we greatly appreciate it.

Yeah...you suck! No, you really do. Yes, you may have good-looking men, awesome fashion, and fantastic food but you still suck. You guys always wanted to take us over and you did a couple times, but you always got kicked out. This really messed up our government and therefore our country. Now, we are so unstable its not even funny but that was never funny to begin with. So, thanks..you losers. -

Nice job, ducking ouf durring both world wars, we should have learned after the first time, but you said that you had changed, being facist and all, but no, you still couldn't stand to loose. Both times you made it seem like it was all our fault when it was your fault too. You deserve your share of the blame, Germany.
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