Because we are in East Asia we are traditional Buddhist
Blog Entry One- we attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, which brought them into the war and bring us to eventual defeat on September 2nd 1945. That defeat ended the Empire of Japan.
Blog Entry Two- We invaded China in the 1930's and nearly took it over by the early 40's. We killed several million people in China especially in Nanjing.
Blog Entry Three- hirohito was emperor during ww2 and tojo was indirectly in command of the government. Hirohito was in fact a "puppet" to Tojo.

Empire of Japan

This is our territory conquered at its peak... yes we conquered alot, we know


United States


Powerful navy that rivals England. Large battleships, aircraft carriers. Large cities began showing up in the early 1900's. Large army. Deveopment of large scale weaponry. Good guns.


Our culture really changed after the tokugawa was overthrown. We got fed up with all the europeans controling the pacific so, it was our idea was that the pacific belonged to Asia and not the europeans. We immediately begun advancements on technology especially in our navy. That begun when we bought some of England's old ships and improved on them and then soon enough we had a great navy and technology was advancing rapidly.



The Wall

Tojo.jpg This is our Prime minister during 1941-1944 Hideki Tojo
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