Jesuits (1500- Present Day)

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Eastern Orthodox
Holy Roman Empire
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=Historical Background=Our founder Saint Ignatius of Loyola started the Society of Jesus with a small group of men near Paris in the early1500's. His determination won us Pope Paul III reconigition but as priests. It was a start. From there the our small Society of Jesus started recruiting members. We started to build schools all over Europe. The group was gettingbigger. Our missionaries were everywhere They were in Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. Our popularity sparked the interest of Pope Clement XIV who suppressed us in all countries except for Russia. Even with that, we did not
lose many memebers infact we think we actually gained some more. We have had are good times and we have had
our bad but everything turned out perfect as everything would if it was done for Christ.

We are located everywhere. We are located all all 6 continents except for obv. Antartica. However, the areas with
the largest Jesuit population is the United States of America,Philippines, and India.
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We really do not have technology unless you count the numerous schools and colleges we have created. Education
should be everyones prime priority.


Only men can become a Jesuit. They can do whatever they want from teaching to
nursing. Whatever they want to do we allow it as long as it does not go aganist the Bible and
they are "soliders of Jesus". Our goal is to give everyone an education. We do numerous amounts of community
service. We have charities and organazations where people can help us aboard with unforunate men,
women, and children. We want to make the world a better place by improving education, poverty, hunger, and many
more horrible problems in the world. We ask ourselves everyday and you should to: What have you done for Christ?


We are a form of Catholicism founded by Ignatius of Loyola. We just are really determined in
spreading Christianity. We believe in discipline as well. To become a Jesuit it will take a great deal
of time because we have a series of meditation and tasks for a person to complete to prove that they are
worthy. We want equality for everyone in the world. We onlyserve to Christ . Whatever we do is for him. We limit

ourselves from luxury items. We will not marry because it will take our mind away from Christ. We will serve Christ and only
Christ till the end of days.


We have decided to send our missionaries. We have sent them everywhere. From Asia to Latin America.
We have heard great news from them. In China, people are very kind. They are intersted and some talk has
been going around that some Chinese schools might put our teachings in their curriculum. Yay! We are extremely
eager to learn about new cultures and religions. We know that our missionaries are having a rocky start but we hope
for the best well actually pray for the best.

Pope Clemt XIV declared that all Jesuits are banned from Europe except for Russia. We already have such a great
population there that we did not mind that much. Actually, there has been a rapid increase in convertors. We traveled
to America where we took over 22 colleges! Education is very important to us, therefore, this is a great step in re-buil
ding ourselves and strengthening us.

We have decreased a great deal but we do not see that as a bad thing. We estimate to about 20,000 members. All
the members are determinded and passionate about their work. We have become extremely organized, which helps
a lot. Education, charity, and community service is still extremely important to us. We have stations and our popular
in India and the Phillipines. We love what we do and we will continue doing this till the end of times.

The Wall

We do not appreciate your missions in our country. We do not want your religion, influence, or culture. It is far inferior to our own. You must stop your missions or we will and execute your missionaries. We think that crucifixion and burning at the stake are quite appropriate punishments for your attempts at erating our perfect culture. - Japanese (Tokugawa Shogunate)