Jin Dynasty (1115-1234)



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The Jurchens made the first iron barrel for cannons and introduced this cannon called "Haven-shaking thunder" in 1221. The first hand-gun with a bamboo barrel was first used in 1132. But still, all firearms were limited in use because they were not yet sophisticated enough to replace the very effective crossbow.

Ten kinds of fertilizers were known, from human and animal excrements to ash and different mineral salts and silts

The Jin had created their own script partially by imitating the style of Chinese characters. They printed books written in native langues using their own scripts.





As a nomadic tribe, the Jurchen people lived in the watersheds of the Heilongjiang and Songhua Rivers and the Changbai Mountain areas. They lived by hunting and fishing. In the beginning, the Liao Dynasty always asked them for pearls and hunting birds – Peregrine Falcons. In addition, the Liao officials often went to the Jurchen tribe to prey upon the people. The actions of the Liao Dynasty led to the Jurchen people's strong opposition. In the end, the Jurchen people established their own regime, the Jin Dynasty, and destroyed the Liao Dynasty in 1125.

The Jin conquered Liao Kingdom and the Northern Song Dynasty swiftly. Their nationality soon adopted the culture of the Han nationality and even the language since they moved southward. Though the Jin culture retained and adopted some cultural tradition of the Jurchen nationality, the main part of it was from the Han culture of Liao Kingdom and Song Dynasty.



With the sinification of the Jurchen and the foundation of the Jin empire, Buddhism became the prevalent religion of the Jin empire. The impressive monasteries, statues and ceremonies were better suitable for a state religion than shamanism. In Beijing the Monastery Minzhong served as the state monastery of the Jin emperors, later the Dayansheng and Dayongan Monasteries. Empress Dowager Zhenyi had built a nun monastery. Although Prince Hailing was a believer in Buddhism, he prohibited state officials to privately visit monasteries to pray for wealth and honor. Emperor Shizong prohibited private people to found monasteries because Buddhist monasteries had solely to act as state foundations. Buddhist monks had to be examined every three years, and the Buddhist community was organized down to county level...



Blog 1 :
February 12, 1131: The Jurchen community, all 3 million of us, are beginning to migrate south after our victories in northern china. We will seek to be given land grants and look to build a more organized society. We hope to soon adopt many new customs and traditions and practice the arts and poetry hoping the tension between our leaders subsides.

Blog 2 :
October 15, 1154: The direction our leader, Prince Hailing is choosing seems to be creating more chaos than solving problems. He's already moved out capital to a place in northern Manchuria and the great Bejiing looks to be his next target. I hear that Princes are being excecuted for standing up to him and it only seems like a matter of time before rebellion erupts.

Blog 3 :
April 8, 1211: 50,000 Mongols on horseback are on their way to our territory from the Xia. I guess they will be surprised when they see we have half a million soldiers and almost triple the size of their cavalry! We'll still abandon our western capital just in case, but it seems impossibe for them to take us from the north and the east.

The Wall

Hey, thanks for your crumbling due to your economy right when the Mongols and other nomads are at their strongest trying to take over all of China. It's not like it's your fault that our Southern borders will be open to attack or anything..... - Song Dynasty

Sup Jurchens, it's your old pal Chinggis. I admire your warriors bravery and dedication, even if you did plead me to sign a really humiliating treaty. It looks like you guys are now finished seeing that we've taken everything except the small southern capital you guys are hiding at. It's time for me to move on to the Xia.... later. - Mongols

It is interesting to see how our ancestors, the Jurchens started out! We tried to revive this early Jin dynasty but it didn't work out. - Manchus

It looks like the end for you Jin... you didn't listen to us about retaining order so we're teaming up with Genghis's son to invade your capital. By the end of this year you'll be fleeing and your home will be looted and taken over. - Song Dynasty