jews_with_torah_320.jpg Two Jewish men reading from our holy book, the Torah, while wearing the traditional yarmulke (pronounced "yamakuh") and prayer shawls (Tallit).


United States

See the blue in there? Yeah, that's us, in the northeast of the U.S. and over by Israel. Makes sense.


  • * WE INVENTED QUANTUM PHYSICS!! (Thank you, Niels Bohr)
  • In 1763, a man named Joseph Simon (a Jew) began experimenting with the power of a steam engine. His apprentice, Robert Fulton, went on to invent the first steamboat.
  • The Iron Age occurred during the 12th century BCE, which also, in fact, coincided with Israelite settlement in what was known as Canaan at the time. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
  • Persian Jews pioneered the Silk Road to China during the 5th century BCE, sparking intercontinental trade.
  • Michael Dell created, you guessed it, Dell Computers. He is one of the 3 most successful college dropouts ever. The other two are Larry Ellison of Oracle (yet another Jew), and Bill Gates (not a Jew).


* We follow one major rule in our society: //They tried to kill us, they didn't, WE EAT!!!
  • We throw sick parties on our B'nai Mitzvahs. Lots of food, lots of partying, lots of craziness.
  • Can you say HORA?!?!?!
  • Best food: challah, matzo ball soup, Hamentashen, kugel, macaroons, we could keep going...//


//* The first monotheistic religion on record.
  • There are severeal sects of Judaism: reform (such as the cool chicks seen above), conservative, Orthodox, and the most religious of us all, Chasidic.*//Our Holy Book is called the Torah, which contains the 613 commandments we are asked to follow by G-d. These include the infamous 10 Commandments as well as many many others regarding our daily life, eating habits, etc.


BLOG 1: 2000 BCE: So, G-d and Abraham made a pretty sweet deal today. Turns out we, the Jewish peeps, are the Chosen People. Yeah, pretty sick. And now, G-d is giving us our own land! And no, it's not just any land, it's land filled with milk and honey! Oh man, who doesn't love some sweet milk and honey. Apparently G-d told Abraham that since he was about to sacrifice his own son for the Lord, G-d will make his descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. That's a lot man! Way to go Ab-dawg!
BLOG 2: We just received the most amazing gift anyone could receive. In this year of 1313 BCE, or 2448 according to the Jewish calendar, G-d has given us the holy Torah. We were led by Moses out of slavery in Egypt (this whole crazy "Passover" story, remind me to tell you sometime) and through the desert for like, ever. Finally we came to this mountain, Mt. Sinai. Moses went up there for a wicked long time until finally days later he came back down holding the holy scroll containing the five books of the Torah. Mazel tov to us!
BLOG 3: May 15, 2006: Today was epic. A milestone in jewish culture. One never to be forgotten. Ever. It was on this day, around 1:15 or so in the afternoon, that Alyssa "Chana" Danielle Freedman, the best partial Jew ever, became the best 100% Jew. Her mother is Catholic and therefore she was not considered Jewish under most upper-religious laws. She decided to change all that with a trip to the mikvah for a conversion ceremony. (Mikvah = holy pool for purification and other important ceremonies in a Jewish life). So after immersing herself and being blessed by three rabbis, Alyssa officially became a pure, legit Jew. MAZEL TOV! Let's eat.

The Wall

Major language is Hebrew. And some Yiddish if you're cool enough.
Ummm, who are you people? Jerusalem seems to be under the influence of Muslim leader Sultan Saladin, and I see that your army has failed to gain control of this city. We will come to help you, I, King Richard I of England, am coming, along with the British army, to aid you in defeating Saladin. It will be difficult, and bloody, for I hear his army is extremely large, powerful, and well trained. NO matter, he will be NO much for the British!!! -Love, Britain

Just because we sort of enslaved your people, and almost killed you all off, you didn't have to trash us in that torah of yours, now the whole world hates us, and because of one event, Babylonia.
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