Knights Templar

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The Gothic cathedrals of europe arose from their knowledge of sacred arab geometry are still prominant across the European landscape. The activities of the Knights Templar accurately predicted the future. The order was not merely the medieval pre-cursor of the modern multi-national conglomerate but was in many respects an early form of the European Union.


We received many estates and lots of money from its supporters, and we soon became one of the most powerful orginazations in all of Europe. By combining economic privileges with a chivalrous adventure, they attracted many nobles and common men alike. The order, organized under a grand master and general council, had its headquarters at Jerusalem, intill it fell to the muslins in 1187. It was directly responsible only to the pope and thus was free from the control of the other secular crusading leaders. As Crusaders the knights were important both in fighting the Muslims and in the internal european struggles of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. However they failed, the muslims won the holy land and they were forced to go back to europe, defeated. There they lived in relitive prosperity for some ears untill, the Templars were completely destroyed by 1314. Much of their property, theoretically was acquired by secular rulers. The leaders of the order, including the last grand master, Jacques de Molay, were tried by a kangaroo court and were sentenced to life imprisonment, but after denouncing their confessions they were burned at the stake (1314) as lapsed heretics by civil authorities.


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Blog 1 1119: With few financial resources, we have to rely on donations to survive. Our emblem displaies two knights riding on a single horse, emphasizing our poverty.
Blog 2 1177: We had a tremendous victory today during the Battle of Montgisard, where our small group of 500 Templar knights defeaedt Saladin's army of more than 26,000 soldiers.
Blog 3 Friday, October 13, 1307: Scores of French Templars simultaneously were arrested ,and we were charged with false acusations of heresy, and we were tortured until we "confessed" various types of blasphemy. Friday the thirteenth, will forever live in imfamy.

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