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Kurds invented all technology that is necessary to live. Because of our location, we have wonderful agriculture. We're where it all began! Located, in the first region to cultivate crops in 5000 BC, our products are better in taste and in health than crops from any other region in the world! Crops from our area include wheat, barley, chickpeas, lentils, cotton, rice, tomato, beans, sunflower seeds, onions, garlic etc, along with various types of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Kurds were also the first producers of barley beer. Yep, not Ireland, us! The Kurds!
Our culture incorporates the cultures of all our ethnicities while remaining purely Kurdish. We speak a Kurdish language with our own dialects, we worship a Muslim God, and we recognize our ancestry as a rich history. However, due to the political boundaries of our land created by our neighbors, we are forced to spread out and some Kurds have even accepted new names. Some now call themselves Persian, Turkish, Iraqi, or Armenian. They accept the cultures and identities of their new lands while forgetting their true past. Let us not forget our heritage!
Pro-Kurdish politicians are launching a new peaceful offensive
We Kurds are mostly a Muslim people. We revere Allah just as our neighbors do. There are mosques in our country as well as schools. Most Kurds are Sunni Muslim of the Shafi'i sect while some Muslims do follow Sufiism. There are also Christian Kurds such as Syrian Catholic, Syrian Orthodox, Assyrian Church of the East, Armenian Orthodox, and Catholic Chaldean. Finally, we Kurds also even have our own religion specific to our country called Yazidism. Yazidism is the belief that there is a God who created all things, but he does not have any control over human lives after their creation. This belief is followed by tens of thousands of Kurds.
==Blog One==
1970: The Iraqi government just signed a peace agreement with us! Can you believe it?!? We might just be able to win our independence at last! We've been fighting for so long, what a relief it would be for some autonomy! It's just so exciting, all Kurds in northern Iraq are celebrating. It's the best surprise we've gotten in a long time.
==Blog Two==
2008: We Kurds would really appreciate the acknowledgement and acceptance of other countries for Eid. Nobody seems to listen to us any longer. Our civilization began as what outsiders call "the cradle of civilization," yet now when we need their help, they run away and abandon us. We've tried to hold ourselves together but we just need the support of another group sometimes. Yes, that's what we'll pray for. Maybe then they will stop calling us names like Iraqi and Turk.
==Blog Three==
Last week was just a bad week for us. We didn't receive acceptance for Eid, but now we're starting to have second thoughts; we must not let on that we are scared though. The U.S. tries to help us sometimes, but they still talk to Turkey and Iraq, so it's hard for them to be too open with their relationship with us. Turkey and Iraq could get mad if they found out. We welcome them into our country anyway though and hopefully then they will have a chance to help us in return.
=The Wall=
Hey Kurds, what do you think you're doing?!? Yet back in our country and quit complaining! You have it fine here and you all don't need your own country. There are ethnic groups living in countries all over the Middle East, you're not the only ones. Also, we're trying to work things out with the U.S. and Iraq and it would be much easier if you guys would quit complaining and resisting every single one of our efforts to calm you. If you stay quiet, then maybe we'll have a surprise for you. Just quit it already! Turkey
What's up with you? Everytime we get see you, you seem to rebel. Yet we thought you liked us because you specifically invited us into your country. Is something wrong? All we were trying to do was get through to deal with Iraq, you know how it is. We'll come over and visit another time. United States
C'mon Kurds, we know what you're going through, but deal with it already! Sure, we had problems with the Turks too, but you don't need argue about it forever. Having your own country isn't so great, I mean promoting tourism is so much work when it's finally your responsibility! So just trust us, just take what you've got. Armenia
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