Kushan Empire 1 - 300 C.E.

Bodhisattva Maitreya, Second Century C.E.


Gupta Dynasty
Bactrian Kingdom
Mauryan Dynasty


We have cleared paths for merchants traveling the silk road.
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We were originally nomadic people. After seizing our territories we then played a crucial role in Silk Road trading network because we have secured our territories. This made it safe for merchants to travel from Persia to China. We trade with Persia, China, Indian Ocean basin, Indonesia, southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean basin.


In the Gandhara region, which is at the core of our empire, it is home to a multiethnic society tolerant of religious differences, such as Buddhism, and Hinduism.


Blog # 1
We attacked Bactria and eventually put an end to the Indo-Greek Kingdom there (Bactrian Kingdom). There were several other groups who tried to conquer the territory, however, we were the most successful. Our territory embraces northern India and lands to the north.
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Blog # 2
Wahoo! Our high point was under the rule of Emperor Kashika, 78-103 C.E. We overtook modern-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, and northern India to Gujarat.

Blog # 3
We are no match for the invasions of the White Huns, nomadic people from central Asia. Our kingdom is quickly declining.

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