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Two Luddites destroying a machine in a factory
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Lowell Mill Girls


We use a variety of explosives designed to blow up factories in Britain. We also know all about the way in which textile machines work. This is because our goal is to destroy them and stop industrialization. The stocking frame that has recently been invented in Europe has enraged many of our kind. This is because it is a new way of inventing inexpensive stockings, and has caused thousands of knitters to become unemployed due to the fact that this invention replaces thier job. We must stop technological developments in Europe.


Our people are mostly factory workers who want to make a change in society. Thousands of new inventions are making people become unemployed and corrupting our society. We all meet at night on the outskirts of major cities where we plot our plans of destroying factories. We became so destructive that the British military tried to track us down and arrest us. We do not like the factory life and the way in which rich factory owners gain more money by forcing men and women to work 16 hours days in complete silence. Down with Industrialization!


Most of us being from Britain are protestant.


  • We got our name from Ned Ludd who we see as a King. He destroyed 2 large stocking frames that were brought into a factory to replace workers. Although Ludd was beleived to have destroyed the machines in a fit of rage, it was one of the first acts of destruction against industrialization.
  • Our movement began in Nottingham in 1811 and spread across Britain and the rest of Europe by the mid 19th century. As our movement picked up the British Government made the destruction of factory equipment a capital crime. Several of us were hanged in York as an example of what could happen if we kept destroying factories, but this didn't scare us. We continued destroying factories and protesting new machines
  • Luddism today has become synonamous with anyone who is opposed to the modernity of society. many critics believe that our movement was a cry against the introduction of a free market system.

The Wall