Macedonians: From Macedonia east to Bactria (Alexander's empire): 300s bce

Alexander the Great
Philip II
Our empire, made by Alexander the Great


Achaemenid Empire




Our culture is influenced by the peoples we conquer. Astronomy, science, mathematics, and medicine were developed in regions of our empire. We have a patriarchal society. Philosophy is an important part of our culture. We have festivals and enjoy music, plays, literature, and athletic competitions.
This is a statue of Alexander the Great.


We do not follow a strict religion. Our ideas of the world are based on philosophical thought like the Greeks, and we worship various gods. We are influenced by the peoples we conquer. There are religious cults as well.


blog 1, 359 bce
We used to be a small frontier state north of Greece. We were cultivators and sheepherders we migrated seasonally between the mountains and valleys. We recognized a king, but clans controlled political affairs. Then we began trading with the Greeks, which allowed us to become acquainted with Greek society. The Greeks had a lot of influence on us and our culture.
blog 2, 336 bce
King Philip II built a powerful military, which he used to make himself the king of Macedon. Because the Peloponnesian War had weakened the alliances between poleis, the Greeks could not resist us, and we took them over. King Philip wanted to conquer the Persian empire, but he died before he was able to. Alexander the Great succeeded Philip and continued expanding the Macedonian empire.
blog 3, 323 bce
Alexander the Great took and army of thirty-seven thousand men to invade the Persian empire. He first conquered Ionia and Anatolia, and then he conquered Syria, Palenstine, and Egypt. We took Mesopotamia, and then we invaded the Persian homeland. Alexander the Great crowned himself the new emperor of Persia. Alexander wanted to continue into India, but we all wanted to go back home.

The Wall

You angry Macedonians really need to stop overreacting to everything! We understand that you can be a little bit annoyed that our leader, Xerxes, tried to take over Macedon and Greece. You should take it as a compliment! He thought that it would be the ultimate flair to add Greece and Macedon, which are rich with culture, to his empire. So then you retaliate to our compliment by sending your little Alexander king to go and destroy our beautiful capitol city of Persepolis. So much for the civilized Macedonian Empire!
-Achaemenid Empire
Barbarians!! That is what I call you horrible people. Alexander and his uncivilized army have come through our land and destroyed everything that we hold dear to us. Every temple, sanctuary and home of a Zoroastrian, as long as Alexander knew where to go, was destroyed when he came through Persia. We never wanted any harm to come to your government. We are a reletively peaceful religion, and would have been willing to live under you peacefully as we lived before under the Achaemenids. But you had to destroy everything that was important to us, solely for the pleasure of burning down our temples! May Ahura Mazda curse your souls for all of eternity! - Zoroastrians
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