Manichaeism (200s C.E.-500s C.E.) -Most Prominent Time Period

Map_of_Persian.jpgOur religion is meant to unite the religions of the world.


Roman Empire


We are fervent missionaries who take advantage of trade caravans to spread our faith. Also, many merchants are drawn to our way of thinking, and their travels, which are predominantly for economic reasons (trading, buying, etc.) are also an opportunity to spread the faith to new parts of the known world.


We advocate a life devoid of pleasure, such as marriage, sexual relations, fine clothing, meat, rich foods and other commodities. In our culture, every man, woman, and child is an intrinsic and important part of the struggle against evil as we all try to attain personal salvation. Many of us converted to this new religion because we felt that Mani showed us a way of living with a blend of the the best of each of the other predominent religions of the era while also being able to live a new, improved, cosmopolitan life. This is a new religion for a new generation of people living in the "modern" age.


Spread by the prophet Mani, Manichaeism is a religion combining the aspects of Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Christianity. Mani taught us that Zarathustra was the prophet of Persia, Buddha was the prophet of India, and Jesus was the prophet of the Mediterranean world. We lead ascetic lives in an effort to contribute to the ever present battle between good and evil. Hearers are those who follow the faith, while the Elect are those who rigorously follow the ascetic lifestyle set down by the prophet Mani. Mani has told us that only by rejecting worldly pleasures will we be able to untangle ourselves from the material world and rise towards the light.


Blog Entry One The people of the world need a religion that can give them everything that all of the currently conflicting religions cannot. What is the main difference between these three religions, truely? Christianity, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism all tell their followers to choose good over evil, and to not give in to the temptations of society. Jesus said "do not do unto others what you would not want done to yourself", and Buddha and Zarathustra said practically the same thing. My new religion will eliminate the tensions between these religions so that people can focus solely on actually being good people. Blog Entry Two This heretical prophet, Mani, who calls himself the leader of this new faith called "Manichaeism", is ruining my empire! I am trying to use the Zoroastrian faith as a basis for cultural unification of my empire. However, this lunatic is running around telling my subjects that there is no difference between Zoroastrianism and other religions. How am I supposed to show my people their cultural superiority if they think they are equal to foreign barbarians. Today spies loyal to my Sasanid Empire have captured this man, and he will remain in chains for the rest of his life so that he cannot undue the work I have progressed to finish. Blog Entry Three My missionary work is beginning to pay off. I have travelled far and wide in search of converts to the new faith, and I have been successful in my work. Merchants are converting by the hundreds, for they see the truth in my words. The newly formed trade routes connecting these empires are extremely helpful, also, in allowing me and my people to travel to the ends of the known world in order to convert people to the right teachings that I have put down for them.

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