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The Maori are from New Zealand




New Zealand's rich abundance of animals allows us to base our diets primarily off of hunting and gathering. We use spears and
rocks to kill beasts and eat them. We were able to arrive here by taking boats from Polynesia. The type of boats we used are large canoes that are suitable for long journeys. We also use these boats to navigate around New Zealand and fish.


Our culture is very simmilar to the aborigines in Australia. Our food source is mostly large game and fish. We did not industrialize as fast as other areas around the world because we did not develop agriculture until later than most other societies. We follow the herds and only kill what we eat. We speak Te Reo which is related to the native languages of Somoa and Tahiti. During the 19th century we were exploited by the British who forced thier language and culture into our society. Today, most of my people speak english which was enforced in New Zealand schools during the 1930's.


We have a polytheistic religion, consisting of many gods that stand for different aspects of nature. For instance the god of night is Po and his daughter Te Ata is the godess of the morning. We also hold our ancestors in high esteem and have religious ceremonies to honor the dead. After the British invasion of New Zealand many of my people converted to protestantism


  • Since we are warlike people we commonly fight with our sorrounding tribes. Once we defeat the enemy we either eat them or enslave them. The enemies power is called "mana", sometimes to show our power over the enemy we also put thier heads on the end of our spears.
  • In 1769 Captain James Cooke circumnavigated the earth on his ship called the Endeavor. One of the places he stopped was New Zealand. Although Captain Cooke was not the first to visit New Zealand his journey to the island encouraged settlers to move to New Zealand. We were upset at first ,but we quickly became used to the white people taking over our territory.
  • In 1840 the Treaty of Waitangi was signed by us, this gave the country of New Zealand to Britain who promised to protect us and allow us to keep a large portion of New Zealand. However, British settlers frequently fought with us, and finally in 1931 we were granted autonomy once again.

The Wall

Come on Maori, yuo couldn't have helped us out. Shore we're the furthest island in the world from any landmass, but still we needed you, and you left us to fend for ourselves and eat each other. Thanks, thanks alot. Rapa Nui

Hey, just returning the favor of dropping a note, but you do have one thing wrong. New Zealand is not better, we are far superior even though you have canoes and kangaroos who do you think we are, we don't eat kangaroos!
-- xOx Australian Aboriginals