Marxists, Germany, mid-1800s onward

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We encouraged an equal distribution of wealth and therefore our technologies were also equally distributed along with everything else--including the eradication of private property. Technological, we were on the same level as everyone else in Germany in the 19th century--we were highly industrialized, and believed that a certain group of people was exploiting others to get a profit from that industrialization.

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We didn't really have a culture but we lived according to the ideas that the main cause of social problems in the 19th century had much to do with the capitalist economy and the way people were divided into either the proletariat or capitalists. We agreed with Marx when he stated that capitalists were the ones running the show and that the proletariat was used to benefit the capitalists.


We followed the saying of Marx, which was "religion is the opiate of the masses" and as such view religion as a crutch primarily used to make the working classes subervient to an industrializing society.


Blog 1: 19th century
We followed Marx's "Communist Manifesto", which stated that capitalism would fall with the "dictatorship of the proletariat", which would eliminate private property and displace the capitalists. The input of Friedrich Engels in "Capital" also contributed to the overall ideas that Marx was trying to get at.
Blog 2: 19th century
Those utopian socialists were such idiots! I mean, how unreasonable was it to assume that a bunch of people would exist harmoniously together while staying equal? Their idea of "idea communities" didn't do anything to help the problems of the industrial era.
Blog 3: 19th century
The working class was the level in society that would eventually rule--Marx's Manifesto stated just that and we thought that problems concerning overproduction, underconsumption, and diminishing profits would eventually overthrow the capitalists and lead to a socialit revolution headed by workers {the proletariat}.

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