Mauryan Dynasty 321 - 185 B.C.E.

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Ashoka Maurya - "I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal." (Modern translation provided by Ron Burgundy)


Bactrian Kingdom
Kushan Empire
Gupta Dynasty


Our beloved Ashoka was wicked smart and built roads to faciliate overland commerce within the subcontinent.Our most notable highways is more than 1,000 miles long. It links Pataliaputra with Taxila.
This ancient road isn't perfect, but it serves its purpose.
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Ashoka also built irrigation systems for our crops.
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We, the people, work as traders, farmers, and government employees. We love to farm, mainly because the foundation of our wealth is dependent on it. Trade is also a big part of our economy. We trade with Persia, China, Indian Ocean basin, Indonesia, southeast Asia, and the Mediterranean basin. We believe in the caste system, which emerged with trade and commerce. The new social groups of artisans, craftsmen, and merchants functioned as subcastes, or jati . Vaishyas and shudras saw a lot of wealth. Our society is patriarchal.


Buddhism is our major religion made famous by our own A-sho-ka! The early Buddhist movement actually benefited from the official patronage and support of our dynasty. Ashoka issued imperial decrees to encourage his subjects to observe Buddhist values. The precise reason for Ashoka's facination with Buddhism is still unclear to us, but, hey, we love him anyways.


(Chandragupta Maurya)
Blog # 1
I am living in a cramped studio apartment in Taxila. Yesterday, I saw the Macedonian army, and decided to train an army of my own.

Blod # 2
I just laid the fondation for the Mauryan dynasty by seizing the throne of Magadha. (320s). Oh boy, was that a lot of work. Afterall it is the first state to bring a centralized and uniftied government to most of the Indian subcontinent. I had to overthrow the Macedonians. Now my kingdom stretches to the Ganges.
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Blog # 3
My advisor, Kautalya is devising procedures from the government of my new realm. He calls this manual the Arthashastra, which offers detailed instruction on the use of power and the principles of government. We are going to build a bureaucratic administrative system to inable policies throughout my state.

Blog # 4
I think my grandson, Ashoka, is kill me. He is telling everyone I have abdicated my throne to become a monk and lead an ascetic life. Don't believe the rumors. He is only trying to push me out of the picture.

Blog # 1
Yeah, so I just (297 B.C.E.) killed my grandfather. Don't worry through. It is all worth it because I am going to lead the Mauryan empire to its high point.

Blog # 2
I'm so excited for my first major conquer. I took Kalinga under Mauryan control. It was tough, but I was strong. I'm guessing 100,000 Kalingans died in the fighting. Oh, well. It what I must to do to ensure that my realm is tightly organized.

Blog # 3
I am dying. I am worried that the dynasty will fall fifty years after my death. My policies will not survive.

The Wall

Buddhists : We are so thankful for your gracious and considerate contributions. Ashoka, you have served our religion a great deal. With your land grants that you have bestowed upon us, your wonderful buildings of monasteries and stupas, the missionaries that you have sent in regards to Buddhism to Ceylon and Bactria. You have allowed us to not only spread our religion around India, but around the world. We thank you so much for your kingdom's kindness and devotion.

-We are glad that our two great empires could reach a peaceful agreement. We were not looking forward to getting into an armed conflict with you, as war would be a tremendous waste of resources. We also thank you for your generous gift of five hundred war elephants in exchange for some of our easternmost lands. They have already proven useful in battle for us, as we used them to absolutely demolish the unruly Antigonid Empire at the Battle of Ipsus. We would like to continue our peaceful relationship and facilitate more trade between our two peoples. We can utilize the Silk Road to travel to your lands and you can likewise use it to journey to ours, and we hope that this trade, if nurtured, can bring prosperity to both of our societies.- Seleucid Empire
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