Mesopotamians, 3000 b.c.e, Southwest Asia

gilgamesh.jpg Gilgamesh: hero in Mesopotamia. wetrwert.gif Mesopotamia



Fertile Crescent





- The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers served as a very effective for the Mesopotamians by providing transportation, carrying soil, creating new farmland, and filled irrigation ditches which were cleaned constantly. - by tapping the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, building reservoirs, and digging canals, we realizes that we could irrigate fields of barley, wheat and peas. Small scale irrigation then came about around 6000 b.c.e.

=Culture=- Our urban- based society, is based on the themes of friendship, loyalty, ambition, fear of death, and longing for immortality. With the increasing population in the Sumerian cities, there became the development of cities that were centers of political and military authority. Bustling marketplaces attracted many more people that were interested and trade and that led to economic centers. Our cities also served as cultural centers where priests organized religion and more developed forms of education. Due to the reliance on agriculture in their cities, there became a vast amount of city-states.


We do not have a major religion, but believe in the aspects of friendship and loyalty. We also have a fear of death.


Blog 1:With the introduction to irrigation systems, we had increased food supplies, which allowed us to better support our increasing population. Also with this increase in food production, we attracted more and more migrants from other regions such as that of the Sumerians. Blog 2: With the emergence of city-states in our Mesopotamian society, we decided that we should build new and innovative structures to it. Such as that of palaces, temples, and defensive walls. Along with these new innovations, we began to construct more advanced irrigation systems. This is imperative to our agricultural community. We expanded our networks of reservoirs and canals as well. Blog 3: We have have been doing very well lately. Agriculturally we are progressing immensely from what we once were. We are trading more and building up on our economy. We have written scripts now as well which is allowing us to put down our history as it unfolds.

=Languages=The major language was Sumerian which was replaced by Semetic Akkadian

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The Wall

Phoenicians: Hi Mesopotamians! Like you, we Phoenicians associated our Gods with natural phenomena. Also, thanks for giving us the idea for writing. We took your writing form and adapted it to fit our own needs.

Hey Mesopotamians! Thanks so much for such good neighbors, and never trying to conquer us or anything. We were glad to have the opportunity to trade with, and be influenced by/ influence a great civilization like yours. Oh and also thanks for the population, as a lot of our first people migrated here from Mesopotamia. ~Egyptians

Hey Mesopotamians, you should be grateful for the empire that Sargon created as the Akkadian Empire. This was a breakthrough in society, and laid the groundwork for the many rulers who created imperial rule after we were defeated. Without the Akkadian precedent, there would have be no Hammurabi's Code, which is something you Mesopotamians are famous for. In any case, we were very important to ancient history in your region, which eventually influenced nearly every other society in the world. However, both before and after our Akkadian Empire, we admit that you had some impressive feats in history of your own, which influenced the world profoundly.
-The Akkadian Empire

Well hey neighbor! Thanks for the migrating! Due to all of your hard traveling and settling in our area, our population has grown dramatically. And thanks to all the new technology with irrigation systems and whatnot, we are actually able to support this giant population. Rumor on the trade routes is that we'll soon have the largest population of any civilization. SICK! Thanks for the help in reaching that goal. Keep on trading!

ps, the fear of death deal, yeah, we all have it. Peace! -Sumerians