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We did not actually do much to help the world to advance in technology. However some of us served as a transition from the European to the Natives. We also helped the Europeans introduce there technologies and culture on the natives that are seeing white men for the first time. We served as guides for expeditions of the Europeans who would try and take over rival groups of natives. We also were brought to Europe for some of us it was a chioce and others it wasn't.


Because we are half European and half Native American we had a very mixed up culture. Since we had European blood in us we were thought as evil and traitors and were not accepted by our Native family. Also since we had native blood in us we were thought as savages and couldn'y grasp Europeans way and were not accepted there either. Since we frowned upon in both societies many of our people ended up commting suicide. Some of the mestizos did not choose to be half European though. When the Europeans first arrived they either took the native women and raped them or took the men back to Europe and made them slaves and they had children there. Those children were made fun of because they were darker than the rest of the other kids. Those children were also not given the same opportunities as the regular kids.


Since we are a native people that were mixed with the Europeans we are now forced to practice Christianity


Blog1: 1492
There was a boat out in the water today. The Hunters came back and told the chief that they saw a big monsterous thing in
the water. It had big sheets that looked wings and the thing looked like one of our canoes. They came to the shore and started to speak in a strange language. We wanted to know what they wanted and what they were doing here. Then they started to point at our earings and rings that we had traded for from the other natives in the area. They wanted to know where they could get the shiny stuff that was on our hands and bodies. They didn't realize that we didn't have it. They also wanted some of our native spices and herbs which we were more than happy to trade for there long, sharp, hard sticks that cut your hands when you grabed it. We think that this relationship is going to be great for us.

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Blog 2: 1501
The white men are starting to become pains in our rear ends. They keep coming back and demanding to see more gold. They are always forcing us to go out and find more of what they call gold. It simply is just not here. They are starting to become much more violent as well. They are starting to hurt our people when they do not bring back what they want. They get extremely frustrated and loose there temper and start chopping off body parts. There are rumors going around in the tribe that the white men are raping the women of our tribe. They take the young women on the boats they say to help clean and cook for them, but i don't think that is what they are doing. The women are coming back and seemed very scared and not want to talk to anybody. We the translator that the White men have brought with them seems to be a little on edge. He apparenlty overheard plans to put us on plantations and in mines to find the stuff they are looking for. I have also noticed that a lot of the men in our tribe have been getting sick. I thinkt that the white men are bad news for us.
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Blog3: 1504 OH NO ITS TRUE! We just found out that some of the women in our tribe gave birth to White men babies. Those kids are going to be all alone in life. We certainly don't want them because they have European Blood in their veins. The Europeans think that they are better than us and think that we are less human than they are.
White/Native baby: I am so confused. Apparently I am nothign at all. I am not Native becuase i am half European and to good for the savages of the New World. I am not European because i have Savage blood in me and not fit for the high class society of Europe. I have no idea what to do nobody wants me and i don't get it. Those stupid Whtie men. I am going to get my REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Wall

We used to have our own language that only we could understand. Then when the Europeans came they taught us Spanish, English and Portuguese.