-The four descendant empires are the Mongol-founded Yuan Dynasty in China, the Chagatai Khanate, the Golden Horde which controls Central Asia and Russia, and the Ilkhans who rule Persia from 1256 to 1353. Of the latter, their ruler Ilkhan Ghazan has converted to Islam in 1295 and actively supports the expansion of this religion in his empire.

The Mongols- located in Central Asian steppe (13th Century)

Celebrations in Mongolia marking the anniversary of Genghis Khan's establishment in the Mongol Empire.
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Russian Empire
Song Dynasty


-Our Empire has an ingenious and efficient mail system for our time. There are posts set up all over the Mongol Empire. A messenger travels from post to post and at each post he receives a new, rested horse to ensure the speediest delivery of the mail he is carrying.
-We live in felt tents called gers, which are light, sturdy structures that can be broken down quickly
-Chinese technology of mangonels, an advanced catapult that could fling 100-pound weights
-For the most part we have very low levels of technology, as well as no written language (how am I writing this?...)


-We are mostly hunters; agriculture is looked down upon by Mongolian culture. The horses we ride are small, sturdy, rugged animals essential to the Mongolian way of life and, later, to our successful military campaigns
-Genghis Khan has created a national seal, encourages the use of a written alphabet in Mongolia, and exempts teachers, lawyers, and artists from taxes, although taxes are heavy on all other subjects of the empire.



Blog 1: Our name has its origin in the Tungusic languages and originally means "the invincible ones". At first it was applied to a small and still insignificant tribe in the area of the Onon River. Its growing into an umbrella term for a large group of tribes united under the rule of Genghis Khan.
Blog 2: We have Mongols all throughout Russia as well. In Russia, the Buryats belong to the eastern Mongols. The western Mongols include the Oirats in the Russian Altay and the Kalmyks at the northern side of the Caspian Sea. Together we amount to roughly half a million people.
Blog 3: Most of us consist of Chine however. Most of us live in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, followed by Liaoning province. Small numbers of us can also be found in provinces near those two.

The Wall

Oh man! Why did you guys give up your nomadic traditions? We {the Hyksos} also have a mastery of horses and travel overland, but after you guys settled down and built an empire we were all like "what are you gonna do with the horses now?". It really made a difference in your landholdings though--we tried to do that with Egypt but it didn't work out too well with our system of government and all. The way you guys gave people free reign was probably the reason why you stayed in power for so long. Great job! But after your empire fell we were all like "yeah! now they are nomads like us. Nomads rock." Yeah. They do.

So you guys are pretty much our leader. Mongols rule! We [the Uighur Turks] would know nothing about military conquest without the help we've gotten from you. And I think we do an awesome job helping you guys out too --in succeeding in all sorts of military affairs..well I gotta run, but thanks for always being there! xox
<3 Uighur Turks
Uighur Turks

Song Dynasty: You have not only taken over our beautiful and ornate dynasty, but you have also proven yourselves barbaric and useless. There is no pride in taking over a dynasty by force and disobedience. The future will withhold nothing for you people.

Ahh, you worthless barbarians! How dare you try to take over Japan, like you have done to our Chinese rivals! Since you have attacked us twice, beginning in 1274, our economy has suffered tremendously, and we are now on the brink of collapse as a government. Luckily the kamikaze (divine wind) came to destroy your massive boats filled with tens of thousands of troops, and luckily our samurai are as skilled and disciplined as they are. Nice try, and we hope that you are happy leading to our downfall as a shogunate.
With contempt,Kamakura Japan----

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