Moroccans (1900's- Present Day)

external image 71876826.jpg?v=1&c=CFW&k=2&d=F60ED5966DA8FBBCCB82E30D2F6FD168 (a night in Marakesh)
external image Camel-Caravan-Crossing-the-Erg-Chebbi-Dunes-of-Merzouga-Erg-Chebbi-Desert-Morocco-Photographic-Print-C12083400.jpeg (much of our country)


Umayyad Dynasty
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We are not that technology advanced (comparing ourselves to European nations and United States)
We do have technology but only in some areas of Morocco, some villages and obv. the desert has
no sign of technology. Although, in 2001 we opened our first information technology complex called Casablanca Technopark.
external image casablanca_urbanisme_Technopark.jpg The Casablanca Technopark (pretty cool huh?)


We can't even count how many times we have been invaded or taken over. We were a protectore of France till 1956. The British
wanted us to and the Ottomans had us but realized they couldnt control us (DAMNRIGHT!). Anyway, lets just say we have been
influnced by many people. Therefore, our culture is extremely complex. We have tried to maintain our Arab heritage and we have but
you can clearly see the French influnences in our country. For instant, Arabic and French are our two main languages. We have awesome food as well, couscous anyone??

Yes, we had to start a new paragraph for BERBERS! We love them! They attarct tourists cause they are so cool! They were Africans and then Arabs came along and the birds and bees occured and it created BERSBERS! They are so unique and cool. Their culture is so complex. They are nomads and live in the desert. Legend has it, that when the stupid British use to get lost in the desert the BERBERS! use to help them because they are experts at the desert.
external image ub.jpg(Beautiful Berber women)

external image zidane.jpg yes! thats a Berber in action (ok ok i know wtf mate? Zidane is from Algeria, but my friend Berbers are scattered all over North Africa)
external image flag.gif Our flag!


The dominent religion in our country is Islam and maybe a few Christians and Jews. We have a great amount of Sunnis and Shia..but here we dont care what you are as long as you let other people practice the religion of their choice. We have daily prayers because the majority of our citizens are Muslims. We follow the Sunnah and Qu'ran. We are not as strict with women here as lets say Saudi Arabia, but the hijab or any covering is preffered and much more safe..their are some extremists out there.


Germany is all up in our grill. People have been talking and realized that France pretty much controls us. So, Spain got wicked jealous and is like ohh we want some of Morocco too! and we are like wait in line. Anyway..the UN decided to hold the Algeciras Conference.So, France wants us to be their protectorate and Germany is not down with that. Yeah, so a year later we finally did end up being Frances protectorate and Spain got to control the Saharan desert (Treaty of Fez, y'all) . This means that our men will probably serve in the French army...bahumbug!

France being very rude exiled our very adored Sultan Mohammed V to Madagascar and installed Mohammed Ben Aarafa (<who is this guy??). We were outraged! So, haha we had a lot of rebellions and yeah we attacked and might of killed some French troops but it was for a cause! For our freedom! A group of us ran to Cairo, Egypt and started to concoct plans aganist the French. France, finally, realized that we wanted our freedom and would do anything for it so they sent Sultan Mohammed V back. Yay! and with a lot of other series of events we got our independence!! November (keep the date free)

We're scared. For the longest time we can remember we have been a pretty nice place to be. Everyone is friendly, nothing to be scared about. What have we ever done to hurt anyone? But nooooo...terrorists decided Morocco is the place to be. Sucide bombers and car bombs have been happening one after the other in tourist locations as well (ahem ahem Casablanca). This is a very serious issue. People are scared to death not knowing where the next target will be. Al-Qaeda said that they are behind this but why?? We are confued and scared, North African countries are becoming the target for terroist organzations. This needs to be stopped.

The Wall

Fascists April 20, 2007 4:33 PM
Those Berber women in that photo aren't very beautiful. With the exception of 1 or 2; those women are babes...babes I tell you.

Songhay Empire We can't beileve your military just came into our empire and attacked. We were never able to recover after that incident. We dominated west Africa for almost a century and you think that just because you crossed the Sahara you can invade? Here's hoping a lot of you passed out in that desert.
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