-Taj Mahal
-Extending empire to southern tip of India
-Brought a centralized government to many smaller kingdoms
-Carved out new trade routes
-Exciting and new stlye of architecture
-Artillery and Firearms
-Compound Bows
-Techniques for Monument building


external image babur.jpgBabur who was the one who placed us in India

external image akbar.jpg Akbar was Babur Grandson who was the main force behind the Mughal Dynasty
external image mughalmap.gif




Influencial Rulers

The ruler, which the Taj Mahal was created under, Akbar had a no nonsense kind of attitude. he did not like it when somebody went against him. However he was a very kind man and very understandalbe. He was very inteligent and had books read to him because of a disability. He was a strong advocate for religion and philosophy. He worked to reduce tensions between Muslins and Hindus. He came to power at the age of thirteen when his father died. When he came of age he began to free himself from the ministers that were ruling for him. He created vast palaces and lakes to suit people in his kingdom. He looked at old records of revenue to help our people out and to better understand price fluctucations. He created a new revenue system to better benefit the people.

Babur was the reason that the Mughal Dynasty was concentrated in much of India. Babur was defeated in trying to conquer Samarkand which in fact was beneficial because it shifted his focuses to the conquest of Northern India. He gathered mass armies to attack the Punjab jungle and claim it for himself. He thought he should be the the ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty but unfourtnatley the cookie didn't crumble that way. He gathered us into a massive armies which had new technologies like the Matchlock Musket. He engaged the enemy in the battle of Ibrahim Lodhi. There he waged war and fought for what was ours and eventually won India which was the home for us for many many years.


There were many different religions in the Mughal dynasty because the Mughal rulers were very tolerant of many religionsand becuase the empire was so big that it was hard to have just one religion. The relgions that were present our time were Hinduism, Sufi Islam, Zoroastrianism, Jainism, and Christianity.


Blog 1: 1463
We started building the greatest palace of all time in India today. What we are constructing will never be matched by anyone in anytime of history. The Taj Mahal is the greatest palace that the world will ever see. With hundreds of rooms and long reflecting pools. Huge towers on all sides and a huge dome. There will be hundreds of bushes that will surround the whole Palace. This is a true testament of our strength and our wealth. Hardly anyone else in the wolrd can match what we have created.
external image Taj-Mahal.jpg

Blog 2: 1418
Our leader Babur is preparing us to invade Northern India in the Punjab jungle. He is obsessed about getting what is rightfully his. He does not care about what he has to do or who he has to kill to get it. Allah has said that the land is his and that he must take it. He has us trained by Ottoman war specialists and has given us the lastest technologies in warfareith the Matchlock Musket. However some of the men are a little apprehensive about going into the Punjab. They don't know what is in there and it is very hot and wet. There isn't much good in that area. All we know is that Babur wants that area and that uis what he is going to get.
external image 02050039.jpg external image battle2.jpg
The Punjab Jungle War Elephants

Blog 3: 1425
Akbar took power today. It was a very interesting sight seeing him throw his advosary out a window. The man never had a chance after being dragged through the streets of the city. Hopefull he doesn't get a bad wrap though. He is a very kind and thoughful man. He is very interested in philosophy and loves to read books. He is always having somebody read to him becuase of his learnign disability. He works hard to end the fueds between Muslims and Hindus and even wokred out a new economic plan for our people to guide themsleves by. He had his court get the records of all the taxes that had been put on the people and how much they actually got back. He had mathmeticians from other civilizations come and help prepare a new economic system. He also had his army trained by top Ottoman genrals to help in the the coquer of India. This man is a great man and hopefully he will be in power for a long time.

The Wall

Hello there..just letting you know that we love you guys! Esp. Akbar. He let us practice our sect of Islam freely. We felt free and united with everyone. It was good times in our history! -Sufis

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks to Akbar for attempting to create toleration of different religious practices, but I guess Aurangzeb won that battle. Oh, and also, thanks SO MUCH for the Taj Mahal! The tourism is just AWESOME! - India
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