Allied powers
When we were in power, we greatly expanded the German military, including the Luftwaffe (Air Force) and our ground troops. Our air force was particularly effective in the early days of the Second World War, as our dive-bombers dominated the sky. The Luftwaffe was essential to our military tactics, specifically the Blitzkrieg, or lightning war. With our newly developed planes that could carry large loads, and with our improved weaponry, our air force was able to achieve incredible victories over our enemies, especially Britain and France, through sudden bombing raids on their major cities. Another important technological aspect of our military in World War II had to do with our navy. Although first utilized during the First World War, our Unterseeboote, commonly referred to as U-boats, were a devastating force in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. Much to the fear our enemies, our submarines wreaked havoc on their military supply chains by sinking their vessels and destroying their ships. Germany also started the world's first nuclear program under our Nazi rule, and, although we ultimately failed, influenced the United States to begin nuclear research and eventually develop the nuclear bomb.
We also utilized new technological innovations in our mass genocide and torture of minority groups. Our methods included mass murder in high-occupancy gas chambers, electrocution, poisoning, shooting squads, and burning.


external image 200px-Nazi_Swastika.svg.png The Nazi Party of Germany, also known as the National Socialist German Workers' Party, adopted the clockwise-Swastika as the symbol of our organization.

external image Deutschland1939.png
The red region was the dominion of Nazi Germany before the annexation and conquests that sparked World War II began.


Holy Roman Empire
Eastern Orthodox
Holy Roman Empire



We must preserve and continue our perfect Aryan race. National pride is also an important part of our Nazi culture. We are very proud of our national heritage and our German language. Remember, we will recreate the Third Reich, which will last for one thousand years!
Our children participate in boy scouts (Hitler Youth) and girl scouts programs so that they can learn our Nazi culture, and then they attend military training programs to get ready to join our armed forces. We urge all of our women to procreate so that we have as many children as possible. But interracial marriages are not allowed, as they will contaminate our blood.


Although we did not have a specifically preferred religion, several religious groups were not tolerated. Our major target of persecution was the Jews, although we did not persecute them based or religious affiliation, but on ethnic background and heritage. We also persecuted Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, and other religious minorities. We did however, allow most branches of Christianity to remain freely and comfortably within our empire.


Blog Entry One: January 30th, 1930. President Hindenburg of the Weimar Republic has just appointed the leader of our party, Adolf Hitler, Supreme Chancellor of Germany. This is a great day for us, since we now have total power over the nation and can control everything that goes on. First we will strip the Weimar Republic of all of its legislate powers and designate them to our own party. Then we will ban all other parties and make Germany a one-party state, so that none can oppose us.
Blog Entry Two: November 10th, 1938. Last night was Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass). We sent the Gestapo into all the big German cities and organized a huge pogrom. Our storm troopers, with their civilian Aryan brethren, rioted in Jewish communities, breaking Jewish-owned businesses, setting fire to houses, ransacking synagogues, and killing Jews. We sent thousands of Jews to concentration camps, smashed windows, and just wreaked havoc on the Jews and their neighborhoods.
Blog Entry Three: April 30th, 1945. Our party is finished! The Red Army is within meters of downtown Berlin, our soldiers on the western front are failing, and, above all, Hitler has committed suicide. The Nazi party no longer has a leader, the Soviets have successfully invaded Germany, and we have lost the war. This is such a sad day for us, and Hitler's death is a blow from which we cannot recover. Soon the Allies will completely take over Berlin and our Thousand-year-Reich will be destroyed.

The Wall

Fascists April 26, 1934 6:00 PM
What's good my Nazi homeboy? How does it feel to acquire complete and utter control over a country? Fascist Italy is doing just fine. The whole idea of Aryanism is sick! Hitler is pure genius. But, remember, it is the nation and the state that matter the most. All elements of society should be combined and unified through corporatism to form an Organic and pure State. Then again, you control the state do whatever you want!
Cheers and all the best to you all!

Look, you punks. i just want to make myself clear, that you make us sick, and represent everything we hate. Your evil doctrines of hate, and your unique brand of fascism do not mix well with our revolutionary ideas of equality and shared ownership. Clearly you flag-waving, queer-bashing, racist, insecure, psycho killers are threatened by us...well too bad, we're not going away anytime soon. So keep your swastikas in your pants, and please stop killing us and other innocent people for your racist pleasure. The whole Holocaust thing is not a good idea, and we don't appreciate being gassed and burned in your horrid camps.
- Communists!

Nice job pulling us out of the depression and getting our economy back up and running, but did you have to ruin our image. Being on the Loosing side of both world wars, and the concentration camps, I mean realy, Auswitch birkenau did u need to leave evidence. You scared us for life, what would you have us do deny it, say "we were all on vacation", no that is not possible. Yes hitler was a genious, and he got the economw back up and in full thrust but he was twisted, you should have seen it and stoped him. - Germany

Well, needless to say, we hate you. A lot. You may have tried to destory our people, you may have tried to destroy any believers in our ways, but you failed. Yes, you killed about 6 million of us, causing a massive drop in our population, but you failed to destroy us. No matter where we are in the world, we are united. We have grown closer, and stronger because of what you did. You will never be forgiven for the horrific, heartless crimes against humanity that you committed, but you will also never bring us down.Our passion and our love for one another is stronger because of the pain you caused us, and in that, you have failed. Judaism

We will crush you and your fascists friends. You guys think you can just take over Europe. You disgust me with your evil plans such as the final solution. I don't understand how you can get all of these people to follow you. I am warning you not to get out of control or I'll blow you Nazis off the globe. allied powers
Don't listen to the allies, they don't have any idea what they are talking about. We will win the long battle even if it is to the death Empire of Japan

Hey, don't say that about the Allies. They have so much more substance than you Axis powers! Oh, and by the way, why did you have to invade me? I know you have trouble coming out of depressions withour murdering millions of people and being incredibly racist, but you are going to have to get over that. -Poland