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Historical Highlights

700 C.E.

Austronesian mariners reached the island of New Zealand. The Austronesian mariners traveled throughout the entire Oceania area starting in 1500 B.C.E. at Vanuatu and by 700 C.E. they reached New Zealand, Easter Island, Hawaii, New Caledonia, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, and Marquesas.

1642 C.E.

Dutch navigator Abel Tasman was one of the first Europeans to explore our land. He came to New Zealand in 1642 C.E.explored the land and made a lasting affect on our land. Tasman named two pieces of land Cape Maria Van Diemen and Three Kings Islands. He would later return a year later in 1643 C.E.

1769 C.E.

British captain James Cook made three voyages to our islands. After these voyages which brought word back to Britain about the open land that could be claimed, countless expeditions took place to our island and soon settlers began to move onto our land and form settlements.

1770 C.E.

A British fleet of one thousand settlers landed in Sydney, Australia. Along with the settling of the Australian area some settlers made their way over to our land of New Zealand and started to form settlements and soon British migrants followed colonizing New Zealand.

1840 C.E.

Britain formally annexed our island as a part of their empire. The Treaty of Waitangi (Feb. 6, 1840) between the British and several Maori tribes promised to protect Maori land if the Maoris recognized British rule.

1856 C.E.

The Maori King Movement of our people occurred to try to unify our tribes and push out and fight of British influence on our island.

1893 C.E.

Our country gave women the right to vote making us the worlds first country to do so.

1989-1941 C.E.

These periods in time brought social reform to us and our country. in 1898 C.E. we adopted old-age pensions which provides financial assistance and may provide medical benefits for low-income adults age 60 or older. In 1907 C.E. we made the national child welfare program. In 1938 C.E. a social security program was formed for the elderly, widows, and orphans, along with family benefit payments; minimum wages; a 40-hour workweek and unemployment and health insurance. In 1941 C.E. we formed socialized health care, which is health care that is publicly funded.

1900 C.E.

The Population of our people (the Maori) fell from 200,000 in 1800 C.E. to 45,000 in 1900 C.E., while the European population rose to about 750,000. Our people where now greatly out numbered by the Europeans and soon we will be completely dominated and decimated by them.

1939 C.E.

We entered World War II by declaring war on Germany on September 3, 1939.


  • Our ancestors were skilled in making canoes and ships.
  • The Maori people were skilled in producing efficient fishing nets and other fishing gear to produce an affective hunt.
  • Most of the technology was based on aquatic themes due to us living on an island.


  • image021.jpg
    image of a Maori
    Maoris were the first inhabitants of New Zealand, arriving on the islands in about 1000. Maori oral history maintains that the Maoris came to the island in seven canoes from other parts of Polynesia.
  • After the discovery of gold in Australia in 1851 there was a large increase in European migrants to the area.
  • We constantly underwent conflicts and skirmishes with British settlers.
  • Many of use hunted whales and fish, as well as herded and farmed due to fertile soil and abundance of trees.
  • After the Treaty of Waitangi we started to become greatly influence by British culture which affected us from goods, food, and books all the way to our base of government.
  • The Majority of our culture is influenced by both the cultures of the Maori and the British.


The majority of the religions in our country are linked to the Christian church. However at one point we did practice a polytheistic indigenous religion of the Maori which involved certain objects having certain powers in everyday life.


Blog Entry One: 1642 C.E. (Dutch explorer)
Today we have landed on this beautiful island. The island is prosperous in fertile soil and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and trees. This area is extremely useful for agricultural means. A person could easily form a settlement here and produce an affective farm to produce a profitable crop as well as being able to produce food for a family. The captain has made word that we will travel back to Europe and spread our findings about this glorious place. Hopefully we will be able to attract enough people to have this island be fully populated with Dutch settlers, and soon the Netherlands will be able to reap the benefits of the agricultural gold mine. We have only encountered a few of the natives on the island. However they seem to be friendly and see no harm in having us be there. Hopefully when the rest of the European settlers arrive we will be able to live in harmony with the native Maori people.

Blog Entry Two: 1840 C.E. (Treaty of Waitangi)
I cannot believe that our tribe leaders just gave away our land and our free do to the British. We all know what is going to happen to us when the British begin to take over our land. We will begin to become oppressed and soon after our numbers will begin to fall and we will become the minority instead of them. Our world is falling apart due to these white murderers who want to control the entire world. We have done nothing to them and in return they come to control our lands and rape our resources leaving us withered and with nothing else for us to keep a stable society. The Maori tribes must become more unified than they were before and maybe we will be able to overcome this oppression that will soon suffocate us.

Blog Entry Three: 1893 C.E. (Womens Rights)
Today we were granted the right to vote. Our government has proven to be fair and just even if it took hundreds of years for this dream to come true. We are the first country to grant the right to vote to women, and i feel extremely proud to live and be a woman in this country. With these new rights granted to me and my fellow women New Zealand will change for the better now that every person has a say in the government. Our home will be more equal and profitable due to this new social change. I believe that every country and nation in the world should take a page out of the book New Zealand and give their women the proper rights that they deserve.

The Wall

- Hey guys, just wanted to say hey and tell you that we are spreading our New Zealand pride in America. Our digi-folk-parodist band The Flight of the Conchords, is achieving great success and we are showing the Americans what real New Zealanders are like. Me (Jemaine) and Bret are experiencing American culture, but we are home sick.
Wish us luck, Flight of the Conchords.
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