North Korea

external image 160px-North_Korea_nuclear.svg.pngA map of of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, with the national flag shown.

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Kim Jong-Il, Chairman of the National Defense Comission of North Korea, and the effective dictator of the country.


People's Republic of China


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We possess two nuclear reactors at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center that both have the potential to produce weapons-grade plutonium for use in nuclear bombs. These plants were originally shut down when we were promised safer nuclear power plants, but when we received no aid, reactivated our reactors. We are currently producing weapons-grade plutonium as a by-product of our energy production. We have also successfully built a nuclear bomb, and it was detonated on October 9th, 2007 off the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula. We have also traded technologies with Pakistan to gain knowledge of building nuclear weapons with enriched uranium, and have been developing new technologies to enrich uranium. In the mean time, we have patented several missile and warhead delivery systems, including our No Dong missiles and our Taepodong-1 and -2 missile systems, which an potentially strike targets as far away as the western coast of the United States. Our missile technologies were what we shared in exchange for Pakistan's nuclear warhead-information.


The conflict between us and the United States is long and deep-rooted in history. In the 1950's, the United States decided to interfere with our problems in our lands and helped the South Korean rebels to fight us. In fact, the Korean War was basically fought between North Korea and the United States, not us against South Korea. The American interference helped our enemies to prevail and have made us not favorable to America, its peoples, or its governments. For this we detest all things American. Our country is one with few natural resources. In order to produce energy for public and private use, we utilized nuclear power plants. Since our reactors are primitive, they produce waste by-products that can be used to create nuclear weapons. The United States pressured us to stop producing the weapons-grade plutonium, so we threatened to secede from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. They then agreed to help us convert our plants to safer, cleaner, and less dangerous reactors, but then did not provide aid, so we returned to our old ways and have since successfully created and tested our own nuclear bomb.


Many human rights organizations have reported complaints about the our human rights violations. Organizations include Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and other prominent non-profit associations that condemn North Korean treatment of people. There is no freedom of religion, and prisoners face torturous conditions in jails. Women's rights are subjugated, and laws protecting children are reduced. But we need to continue these traditions as they help to strengthen our nation, our economy, and the well-being of our public.


1993: We have threated to secede from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty so that we produce our own nuclear weapons with our own fuels that are by-products of our energy consumption. We have given the world 90 days to respond to our statement. If we are not bound by the treaty, we can do whatever we want.
1994: THe United States has persuaded us to remain in the NPT and has forced us to agree on the Agreed Framework, which guarantees that the Americans will provide aid, financial, economic, political, and technological. However, the United States failed to keep up with their end of the bargain, and that has earned oru anger. They have gone back on a promise and will therefore pay for this!
2002: The United States has failed to keep up with their end of the bargain we will not accept it. We did our part and expect our partners to do the same. As a result of the American backstabbing, we are completely seceding from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and will restart nuclear arms production and production of weapons grade plutonium.

The Wall

United States: This is preposterous. We cannot and will not allow you to have nuclear weapons. If you somehow gain possession of nuclear warheads, the balance of power in the Far East will be upset. You must stop your nuclear weapons development programs, or else we will not lift our trade embargo. In fact, if you continue your research, we will harshly increase the embargo and will ask other nations to do the same, severely hurting your economy and people. Unless you give in and listen to us, we will continue to prevent you from trading freely.

United States: We're open to compromise as well, North Koreans. Your compromise seems promising, but we don't think it'll work out too well. As the first nation in the world to create nuclear weapons, and as the nation with the largest arsenal of nuclear warheads, we feel it is our responsibility to maintain order and peace throughout the world. Now, maybe you will promise not to use the weapons against other countries, but a situation may arise where you have no ther options and will be forced to utilize your nuclear bombs. We cannot let this happen, since one nation's use of a nuclear weapon would set of a worldwide nuclear World War III. Sorry, but this is a compromise that we cannot accept.
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