Ottomans- in Southeastern Europe the Middle East and North Africa (1299-1922)

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Turkey (Turks)


Cavalry use bows and short swords and make use of nomad tactics similar to those of the Mongol Empire. Our army was once among the most advanced fighting forces in the world, being one of the first to employ muskets. The modernization of the Ottoman empire in the 19th century starts with the military. This is the first institution to hire foreign experts and which sent their officer corps for training in western European countries. Technology and new weapons are transferred to the empire, such as German and British guns, air force and a modern navy


-Many different cultures lived under the umbrella of the our Empire, and as a result, a specifically "Ottoman" culture can be difficult to define. To some extent, there exists a Turkish Ottoman culture, a Greek Ottoman culture, an Armenian Ottoman culture, and so on. However, there was also, to a great extent, a specific melding of cultures that can be said to have reached its highest levels among the Ottoman elite, who are composed of myriad ethnic and religious groups.
-One of the roots of our culture comes from the Oghuz Turks with their Central Asian Turkic nomadic culture. As the Oghuz passes into Anatolia through Persia over a period of a few hundred years they borrow many elements of Persian culture. Following Sultan Mehmed II's capture of Constantinople in 1453, many aspects of Byzantine— and, more broadly, European— culture begin to be integrated into Ottoman culture. As the empire expands in subsequent years, even more cultures are brought into this mix, enriching it still further.


-Under the millet system—which applied to other non-Muslim religious groups as well—people are considered subjects, or rather raya (i.e. cattle), of the empire but are not subject to the Muslim faith or Muslim law
-The Ottoman Empire is, in principle, tolerant towards Christians and Jews, but not polytheists, in accordance with Sharia law. Forced conversion is not common with Sharia law, and is not standard practice. Though far short of modern standards, Ottoman tolerance is particularly striking compared to the contemporary situation in Europe, where wars are fought between Protestants and Catholics, and heretics were routinely executed.


Blog 1: With Istanbul as our capital, our Empire is in some respects an Islamic successor to earlier Mediterranean empires — the Roman and Byzantine empires. This Empire is the only Islamic power to seriously challenge the rising power of Western Europe between the 15th and 19th centuries.
Blog 2: While the other Turkish beyliks were preoccupied with fighting each other, our Osman I was able to extend the frontiers of Ottoman settlement towards the edge of the Byzantine Empire. He is trying to move the Ottoman capital to Bursa, and shape the early political development of the nation.
Blog 3: We are going through a period called The Sultanate of women which is a period in which the political impact of the Imperial Harem is unchallenged as the mothers of young sultans exercised power in the name of their sons. Hurrem Sultan, who is establishing herself was described by the Venetian ambassador as 'a woman of the utmost goodness, courage and wisdom' despite the fact that she 'thwartes some while rewarding others'

The Wall

Young Turks: Hey guys. We think that we deserve some sign of gratitude for our efforts to help make our empire great. We knew that there were some thing that could have been better for all of us, so we took charge for the rest of our empire just to make it better. And you know what we get? We get dissension. I think we should get awards for what we tried to do. Well whenever you're ready to talk, you know where we are.

Hey Ottomans, how's it going? I know you're all trying to become one of the group and all, but we really only need your best warriors. For serious. The Ghazi are the best of the best, and since you all are attempting to become Ghazi our application process has become just a little more difficult. You're going to need at least a 3.9 GPA in swordsmanship and your SAT (Swords At Training) scores better be over 2200. Good luck!

The Ghazi

Thanks a lot. I try to establish my reign over more of Europe but you just had to keep that from happening. All I wanted to do was create a more vast empire and extend my rule... but nooooooooooo, you've gotta keep me from doing that. I think that's discrimination. All because I'm a Christian. You just don't want a Christian in charge of all that land. Well, I've got news for you... Just because I'm Christian doesn't mean I am not an amazing ruler -- cuz I am. So what if I got my power through marriage. Puh-lease. I've had it. Sincerely, Charles V from the Habsburgs

Hello! We are totally going to own you guys with this Wahhabi movement in 1580. After you pull that devshirme card on us, we think we have the right to be indignant! Just a little heads up- we and the Muslim religious students are going to go against you as much as we can- denounce you as dangerous, religious preachers, go against your astronomical centers, protest the printing press...the whole burrito. It's so on.

Just wanted to say HA! You guys could never conquer us. Why? Because you guys were going through many internal problems of yourself. Thank God, because we did not want to go through economic and politic changes. So ha! and thanks i guess? - Moroccans

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