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My "Panama Canal" is by far one of the greatest modern marvels in the world. Although I played a very small roll in its construction, I can still take a slight bit of credit.The United States felt that a canal of this magnitude was so needed that they helped me fight free from Colombia. The canal allows a ship sailing from New York to San Francisco to travel 9,500 km (6,000 miles), which is well under half the 22,500 km (14,000 mi) route around Cape Horn. Each lock is 300 metres long with walls that range in thickness. At the top of the wall, the sides are 3 meters thick and at the base the wall are 15 meters thick. The central wall between the parallel locks at Gatun has a thickness of 18 metres and stands in excess of 24 metres in height. The lock gates are made from steel and measures an average of 2 metres thick, 19.5 metres in length and stand 20 metres in height. Golden artifacts called huacas indicate I had the ability to mine and work with gold. Also, silver and other gems were found in ancient cities in Panama, which shows that I had the technological ability to haverst these metals from the earth. Agriculturally, I practiced "slash and burn" agriculture techniques, which proves we only used underdeveloped farming tools.


I was a colony of the Spanish, which caused a great mix of cultures. For example, when the Spanish migrated across the Atlantic, they mixed into my society. This caused a new "mixed population" of Creoles, mestizos, and European immigrants. Also, the Spanish were deeply involved in slave trade, and as a result, they brought many Africans over to my country. I am truly a melting pot of hundreds of cultures. An example would be the large contingent of Chinese immigrants residing in my capital city of Panama City. These Chinese came to Panama City to find work building the "Panama railroad" in the nineteenth century. The main spoken language is Spanish, but English is used mostly in banking and in tourism. I was one of the few Spanish colonies not to rely primarily on corn for food production. I mainly used game and fish to supply myself with nutrition. I never really had a large plantation business, but in recent years sugarcane and banana plantations became more economically successful. I take pride in equal rights for both men and women. My current president is a woman, and women consistantly reach the top of businesses. Local art is demanded by the people of, and the banks fund art galleries, alowing them to thrive.

Religion and Rituals

Today, Roman Catholicism makes up about 85 percent of my religion. This was not always the case. Before Europeans took me over, the majority of my country believed in various indiginous religions. As more and more European countires colonized South America, Catholicism caught a burst of popularity. The Spanish brought their slaves along with them when they came here, so there was a minimal African indiginous religion present for a long period of time. Also, due to many Protestant missionaries in the area, large amounts of my people became Protestant.
The Carnival is the most important ritual in my society. It takes place during the five days before Ash Wednesday. It is so prestigious that my capital closes down and a young queen is chosen to head the proceedings. "Coastal blacks" celebrate the Congo, which begins in January and also involves a queen. They have male and female dance parties for every weekend of the celebration.


Blog Entry (January 20, 2001)
It's about time I finally won my independance! First it was the Spanish, then Colombia, who do they think they are? November 3, 1903 was a memorable day in my seperation from Colombian rule. That was the first day the United States aided me in my seperation from Colombia. It was very generous of them to help me, but I do not believe it was genuine. In fact, the United Stants clearly just used me for my perfect location for a canal. Those greedy yankees only just recently handed over controll of the canal to my people (December 31, 1999). They even put a loophole in the treaty that allows for their military aid to defend the canal in case of an emergency. They don't think I can protect myself? That is a true slap in the face and they have bigger fish to fry than looking our for me!

Blog Entry (September 2, 1890)
I think I preferred the Spanish. The Columbians are ridiculous! Their officials don’t live here and yet they make arbitrary decisions about my peoples' lives. Why can’t I have free trade, ports and transit? Not to mention what they have done to my economy, the isthmus is a great location for roads, railroads or even a canal, but the Columbians seem to think I would be influenced by any country that came in to build the canal. I think the Columbians are just jealous. Still I cannot seem to break it off, every rebellion I have is shut down. What I need is an ally who can prevent Columbia from just marching their troops in here and who can protect me from Spain and France. Maybe America, being the super-power of the world, could lend a hand???

Blog Entry (Noevember 10, 2004)
This summer, the 2004 Summer Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece. Once again, I had some amazing results for such a tiny country. For me, just to qualify for the olympics is a feat, because everyone knows winning just isn't my thing. Some of the participants were Bayano Kamani who finished fifth overall in the men's 400 meter hurdles, and Eileen Coparropa qualified for the semifinal heat in the women's 50 meter freestyle. These two qualifiers may seem insignificant to the Americans who win twenty gold metals a year, but these two became national heroes for their efforts. The olympics can do wonderful things, and for me, I felt true national pride watching my people challenge the world.

The Wall

Hey there lil' guy it's the Spanish!! Your contributions to the world are making me proud. First was the Panama railroad and then the amazing Panama Canal. You are becoming a miniature economic center of Central America. Your property is becoming more and more expensive, because wealthy Americans are finally discovering your aesthetic beauty and are buying second homes in your area. You are sooo valuable that the United States sent you a Trade Promotion Agreement that is still in the works. This promotion was developed to "eliminate the obsticles of trade." This pact will speed up the rate of exchange between you and the United States if it is ever put into action. When Pedro Gonzalez was elected, talks seemed to halt because of his anti-American views and his ties to an assasination of a fellow presidential candidate. All in all, hope your having fun developing into an econimic power and thank me sometime for helping you develope into this thriving country!

Yo it's United States here and I just wanted to thank you for cooperating with me, eventhough I may have invaded your space a little bit. You must face it that the world needed that canal of yours to be built and you were too lazy to do it yourself. Also, I handed over most of the control of the canal to you eventually. I just had to make sure I could trust you with my multi billion dollar project. After all, aren't you happy that I only control you slighty? Those crazy Colombians were like ten times worse in my opinion. Give me a call some time so we can discuss our "Trade Promotion Agreement," and have a good time.

What's up Panama? It's the Catholic religion. Now I just took a quick look at the demographic charts that just came out and my ratings are decreasing rapidly. I can't believe that you are allowing this! I became very close to you ever since the Spanish came over. Eventually I completely controlled your entire country. Hoever, begining in the 19th century, various religions including Islam and Protestantism slowly took you over. Lastly, I hope you get your act together and convert more of your people to the great Catholic religion!

How are you doing Panama? It's Cuba, and I was just checking up on you. I understand you have an awkward relationship with the United States, but if you ever need an ally in a disagreement with him call me up. Ever since they passed that embargo on me I have been struggling to survive. He has to be the greediest country I know, not only does he hog the whole world's wealth but he even steals my beloved baseball players!!

Hey I'm a part of the Gauchos, and I was just curious on a few topics involving you. Being a gaucho, I do not have a huge income and I was wondering if your government will ever open up some new jobs for us who reside inland. In my opinion, I think that some industrial factories located off the coast will provide aid to the economy and supply jobs for other Gauchos like myself. Thanks for the consideration.

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