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Plain Sheet of White Paper, modern day
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Leaves of the Paper Mulberry, known for its strong fibers and used to make expensive paper.
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Ancient Hebrew Manuscript on Paper
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Paper Currency across the Globe, the first paper notes were created in China during the Song Dynasty


There is not a single group of people that I have not affected since my invention a long time ago.


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Blog Entry One

Blog Entry Two

I have been to all corners of the globe on a person and in the content that gets placed on me. I continue to serve society both in good and bad ways I also am a tool that If left alone I am neutral, if you eat me I go right through your digestive tract, however f you place slander on me I will harm and I can do good by giving people rights as I did with the Bill of Rights

Blog Entry Three- Today

Sometimes I wonder why I am posting information about my importance on the internet... It is my demise... Ever since the internet gained popularity people have been using me less and less. :o(
I no longer get to know all of the information, stories and secrets that people used to put on me. Nonetheless,
I am still proud to continually serve a vital role in society even though we are in the "Age of Technology". Many "Old School" people are still alive and use me for all of their information needs and I am undoubtedly happy about this. However, no one who lives in the present can doubt my importance even today in every aspect of life. I will leave you with a thought from a great American Philosopher, Henry David Thoreau:

"I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep, I wrote in the dark"

Essentially, what I am emphasizing here is: Society with the help of computers may be trying to put me "under the pillow" and focus on working on its new technology. However, when both technology and the astounding mental acumen of humans go to "sleep" I prevail and retain thoughts undisturbed by sleep. Therefore, the next time several thoughts are buzzing around in your head and you use the aged way of transplanting your thoughts from your mind to fostering them on a sheet of paper. Think about how my life started and changed the world. Now I truly plan on leaving you all with the thought that one person, or should I say. item, CAN actually change the world and is me.

The Wall

Yall, give me a hallah on this thing.
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