The Parthian Empire (238 B.C.E. - 224 C.E.)

Parthian_Horse.jpgBecause we were originally a nomadic society, our people are very skilled horsemen.


Saljuq Turks
Safavid Empire
The Greeks
Achaemenid Empire
The General Area where the Parthians governed.


Warriors use metal armor and discovered that by feeding their horses on fields of alfalfa, that the horses would grow stronger and bigger than normal horses, which gives a great advantage to our cavalry over other less inteligent people who do not know how to breed horses in the way we have developed.


In order to show solidarity with our subjects, we portray our rule as a return to the original rule of the Persian empire. We are enemies of the barbarian Seleucids who ruled Persia for so long. Our clan leaders serve as Satraps to the empire, and this makes our empire a lot less centralized than previous Persian empires have been.


Our government supports Zoroastrianism in order to appear to be more like the original Persian rulers, however, this is more effective in official favor rather than practice. There are so many religions in the area, that our government officials could have any number of different religions that they follow.


Blog Entry One In this glorious year we have finally revolted against the Seleucid empire. Our people have gotten stronger and more influential, and we are tired of the fake Persian empire controlling all of our affairs when they do not share the culture, religion, and ideals of the original Achaemenid Empire. We have now disposed this fake empire with a new rule that will follow in the steps of the forefathers of this Persian land. Or so we will tell the people as we rule them. Blog Entry Two. My name is Mithradates I, and I am king of the Parthian empire. Today is a glorious day in the history of this empire. I have finally succeded in bringing all of the Mesopotamian region into my control. I now plan to extend our great empire to the Indian border and beyond. I will stop at nothing for the betterment of my people, and my prestige in the world. Blog Entry Three. The Romans have captured our capitol again. This is the third time that this Mediterranean empire has been expanding into our territory and has captured Ctesiphon. They will never be able to capture the entire empire, it is too big and powerful, however, their antics have a huge effect on this empire. This latest capture will undermine the power of the Parthian empire even more than it is already being undermined by the satraps who are all vying for independence and freedom from the centralised authority. Don't they understand that we are only strong when we are united?

The Wall

Heyyy, thanks for collapsing and allowing our empire to grow and prosper. It means a lot. Sorry you guys just couldn't handle yourselves. Words of advice: don't let those crazy kings wage war on other territories (I think you know who I mean, cough Vologases V..). Maybe try being more efficient and stable next time. Oh wait, there won't be a next time. HA! Aright well, thanks again! -Sasanid Empire
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