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Painting of a Peninsulare soon after he came from Spain

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We use large ships and the compass to guide us to the New World where we now live. Since we are from Spain all of our technology is the same as the Spainish. We use muskets to hunt with and protect ourselves. We have also developed some of the new agricultural techniques the people of the new world have to offer.


We are the only group of people that are allowed to have power in the new world. We control the lowere classes such as the Mestizos and the Mulattoes. This is because we were born in Spain but live in the new world. This means were are more advanced and developed than people who are from around here. Although the Creoles may think they are better it is scientifically proven that we are more evolved.


Since we are from Spain we are catholic.


  • I am afraid that there is going to be a revolution from the lower classes. They just don't understand that it is Gods will that we should have complete control over all people in the New world. I still fear death is near because the lower classes significantly outnumber us. A message should be sent on a ship to Spain about the unhapiness of the lower classes. I keep my musket near each night in case an assasin tries to kill me in my sleep.
  • The Creoles think they should be equal with us in social status. We give them enough rights as it is they are allowed to own land and join the priest hood. I beleive they are just jelous that they can't become Viceroys like us. There is no way they could handle the responsiblity of controlling a hole society. I really wish I could go back to Spain and be with the rest of my family. They wanted to come over here but I feared that it was to dangerous for them to live in Mexico.
  • I feel so far away from home in this new world. The people of the lower classes stare at me in disgust. I enjoy being one of the main leaders unlike at home in Spain. It is just difficult to adjust to my new sorroundings. Today I showed my creole friend Juan how to use a musket and we went hunting together. He told me one day he wished to be a viceroy, but I told him he would not be allowed. This saddened him and he seemed upset by the fact that he wasn't going to amount to anything in his life.

The Wall

You guys think you are SOOOO great. But you're not. We're gonna have to duke this one out, because only one of us can be on top. We deserve it and you don't. Meet us in Latin America, 3 pm, on the plantation field. Be there! -- Creoles

You heard what my men, the creoles said...bring it! Because we are, not that we need to....the end of your rule is in-ev-it-ab-le. We are gonna take you down and instate our military authority. Estamos venido....we are coming!! (insert maniacal Spanish evil laugh)