Peoples republic of China

MAO_IMAGE.jpgMao Zedong our leader between 1951-1959


United States

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First "5 year plan" calls for heavy industrialization and revolutions in technology with help from the Soviet Union. The discovery of lots of coal beds have allowed us to rapidly industrialize. We are growing faster than the U.S is. Eventually, we hope to pass them in the coming decades.


Our culture was up until 1966 a traditional Chinese culture. After Mao Zedong came to power at that time all ideas of the traditional chinese culture was supressed.Confucianism was not well liked. Maoism came to light under Mao. We believe in equality for everyone, including women


We traditionally were buddhist. Believing that everything is equal, which goes with the views of communism. No one should bew viewed as better than anyone else.


Mao believes in a Marxist-inspired social revolution as a cure for China's problems. A very simular view for communists which China will eventually develop into. China believes in divorse, opposed arranged marrages believing that it goes against peoples' rights. Today we are rapidly growing economically. Our population has been slowing down because of our one child law. We export alot to The U.S

The Wall

Big strong Chila, thinks that they can illegaly invade and annex us just because we are smaller than you. Well the rest of the world still thinks we are independant, and we will stay that way, until the Dalai Lama tells us not to. Tibet

Daoists 1967
Enough of this Cultural Revolution BS. You guys have suppressed our religion and faith and we simply can't take it anymore. This my plea to you as the PEOPLE'S Republic of China to keep our Chinese history and culture alive. Your "republic" has destroyed our historical temples and sites; we need to preserve these for our future generations so that they can learn about our religion and culture. Our monks and priests are being sent to labor camps. MONKS AND PRIESTS! What is wrong with this world?

What? No more dynasties? What happened to upholding family tradition, honoring your ancestors, all that jazz? That's it, no lucky red envelopes for you this Chinese New Year, Mr. People's Republic of China. Don't expect any mooncakes during that festival, either! As the (probable) first dynasty, we're surprised you're not keeping up with the dynasties anymore. Yeah, okay, so there were many, many years of dynasties that followed us, and you weren't the first to break the tradition, what with the earlier Republic and Mao Zedong, but still, you could've taken it back old-school style! You and your newfangled Republic...sigh. At the least, it's nice to see you've advanced so much, what with the extensive writing system, products made of materials other than bronze, an undisputed existence...anyway, keep remembering us, we'll be expecting you to use your best incense when you're doing so!
Xia Dynasty

Just to let you know, China rocks and nothign else is better, the purer we stay, the better off we will be. Long Live China! -- xOx Righteous Harmonious Fists
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