Poland (1939- 1945)


Europe-450-Poland.jpg Poland is located in central Europe, a problematic situation during World War II. Since Poland is located between Russia and Germany, it was especially vulnerable during World War II.


United States
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mine detector, cryptologic bomb, Czochralski process, Polish notation (method of mathematical expression), perforated sheets.


I have many different cultural traditions that I enjoy celebrating, due to the different types of people that I represent. In honor of my Christian population, I celebrate holidays like Christmas, Easter, All Saint's Day, and Corpus Christi. In honor of my Jewish population, I celebrate holidays like Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashana, and Passover. I love music, and feasts and celebrations that commemerate my original independence, and the establishment of my constitution.


Roman Catholic and Jewish


September 17, 1939: Today was a day that I never thought I'd have to face. However, before I tell you about today, you must know about last month. Last month, Germany began to threaten me, and harassed me for my land. He said he wanted to me closer to his Prussian allies, but I didn't want to give into his demands. On August 23, Germany and the Soviet Union signed a treaty in which they promised to defend each other in case of war. My two neighbors, plotting evil, and I couldn't do anything to stop them. Things were quiet until Spetember 1. Germany tried to take me by force from the west. He invaded and burned, and I prayed that someone would come save me. But things only got worse. Today, the Soviet Union invaded from teh east, pilaging the only part of me that I had left. Yes, Britain and France have already declared war on Germany, but nothing can stop the monsters that are ripping me apart.

June, 1941: The terror and nightmares continue. Germany is taking me people right from their beds and locking them in these horrible labor camps, humiliating them, and torturing them. The German soldiers are abusing them so badly, especially the Jews. My people are being murdered every day; at least a million have already lost their lives in these death camps, whether they were burned alive, worked to death, or poisoned with gas. How can it be that none of the Allies have discovered these hellholes? How do they not see the devastation that plagues my people every day?

March, 1945: Something strange, yet beautiful has occurred. The Soviet Union has guided me to freedom. This is something that I would have never exspected, seeing how last year they basically fed Warsaw to the Third Reich, leaving almost the entire city in ruins. However, they have actually helped me! My people developed a provisional government, called the Lublin Commttee, which the Soviet Union recognized and helped us install. It is now March, and the Soviet Union's Red Army had removed the last of Germany's troops from my borders. I have a hunch that they only helped us so that they could spread communism into Europe, but even still, I am just greatful to be free of Germany!

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