1500 B.C.E. - Present

Double-hulled canoes used by Polynesians and Austronesian mariners to reach Hawaii
Evidence of Lapita existence through findings of pottery
Hawaii, with its modern-day names, in the Pacific Ocean.


Lapita Peoples
Australian Aboriginals
United States
United States (modern)
New Zealender


Where you see birds, waves, and stars, or a Jonathan Safran Foer novel, we see tools of navigation with our mad crazy skills.

Clearly, we are definitely not the most technologically advanced nation in the world; however, we are working on it (actually not really, we mainly like surfing and rowing). We didn't really enjoy the access of technologies until the sixteenth and later centuries.We do however have advanced boats and were skilled in navigation. Double-hulled canoes allowed us to reach Hawaii from the Austronesian region. We knew how to look at stars, waves, and birds' flight patterns to find our way around the sea. Agriculture was also one our areas of expertise, as we knew how to transport our plants and domesticated animals in a way that benefited ourselves. Like we said, technology is not our strong point, but truly in the time and age in we we lived, it really wasn't all that necessary.


Polynesia is split into two regions, west and east Polynesia, each with its own culture. West Polynesia consists of mainly Tonga, Niue, Samoa and the Polynesian outliers, most of which are highly populated. West Polynesia has a tradition of trading, marraige, union, finance, and judiciary. East Polynesia consists of mainly smaller islands including New Zealand, Hawaii, the Marquesas, the Tuamotus, Tahiti, the Cook Islands and Easter Island. Our islands specialize in canoes, to allow them to communicate with one another. Our traditions include tattoo art, holy dance, literature, and ritual acts, which was brought to the worlds attention by the scientist aboard to new ships that came to the islands form Europe. Speaking of holy dance, dance and music play a very important role in our daily lives and are part of the religious ceremonies.


Pictured (from left): Kamapua'a, the hog god; Poliahu, goddess of Mauna Kea; Kapo, a spirit of feritlity and sorcery, and Laka, a spirit of dance; Hi'aka, another spirit of dance; Ka-moho-ali'i, keeper of the water of life; Lonomakua, keeper of the sacred fire sticks; Ka-poho-i-kahi-ola, spirit of explosions; Ke-ua-ake-po, spirit of the rain of fire; Kane-hekili, sprit of thunder; and Ke-o-ahi-kama-kaua, spirit of lava fountains.

Ancient Hawaiians were polytheistic. Throughout the islands gods of war and agriculture were common. They had many gods, but there were eight main gods, six of which were male (Keawe, ancestor of all gods; Kane, Lord of the West; Lono, god of the east and fertility; Kanaloa, god of the South Pacific Ocean; Ku, god of the North and war; Wakea, one of the rulers of nature) and two of which were female (Nawahine, Moon Goddess; Papa, one of the rulers of nature). If a person exhibited enough devotion to the eight gods, he or she could gain entrance to heaven. Angels reported on the earthly actions of humans. Each Hawaiian region had its own individual gods (e.g. Poli`ahu was worshiped in Mauna Kea), and each profession had its own gods, as well (e.g. hula dancers worshiped Laka). There were also family gods and demigods.The high chiefs of our tribes worked with the high priests, who were basically the communities' liasons to the gods. On the islands of Tonga and Samoa, they make temples of timber and thatched roofs to serve as the places of worship, sacrifices, and communication between the priests and the gods; Whereas, in east Polynesia, religious ceremonies took place in open-air courtyards.


500 B.C.E.
So, it kind of stinks that all our trade networks have fallen into disuse. Personally, I am not too affected by it and neither is the island. All of the islands in Polynesia are pretty independent; we take in what is good enough for our island and our island alone. Also, the Lapita settlements have just grown tremendously and are now providing us with all we need to develop into successful societies. Within our own societies, we have built hierarchical chiefdoms, in which leadership is passed down from father, the chief, to his eldest son. Tomorrow is actually the coronation of the new chief. It is quite unfortunate that the old chief died; however, his sons seems to have more charisma. I think he will not only make good choice but be good to us people.

It has begun, the building of the Nan Madol has begun. The sandleur dynasty has begun and they have finally organized this place a little.And, not only have they organized our people, but they have begun construction on this massive stone structure. Though the other islands are constantly fighting, the increasing population in these areas have just been beneficial for us. Social organization has been promoted on a scale that no other country in Oceania has seen. I understand then "indian" people that the newbies tell us of have this crazy intertwined social yarn ball mess thing going. But, what we have is simple, however, it is complex in the sense that it fit the many islands that make up Oceania. It's pretty cool. The chief drew a diagram on a rock for all of us to see how the system works.

This really isn't cool anymore; I am totally NOT stoked. I understand that people are migrating and that babies are being born, but does it really have to lead ot all this war. These total spikes in population have only led to environmental degradation and and social strife. It is bad enough that we are limited in resources. This population growth has just robbed us of what we already didn't have. We have all divided into camps; it's quite hostile. And everyday we just fight absolutely ferociously. There are massive battles and brutal massacres. My camp killed this chief for Easter Island yesterday, and they stripped him of all the dignity he had left. The impaled him with a bed of spears and then threw him to the violent sea monsters that plague our seas. But, degrading our enemy is not all that is bad. We have run out of food. We have picked the last coconut and banana off of every tree. We don't know what to do anymore. Today, we didn't eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. My stomach wont stop grumbling; what am I going to feed myself? Oh, BRILLIANT IDEA! My tentmate's son just died yesterday, maybe I will eat him. I know it is cannibalism, but, really, what else can I do?

The Wall

Austronesians - Wow! Aloha my Polynesian peoples. It is so eye-watering to see the development that the islands and the societies of the islands have gone through. As the Austronesians, we are, in theory, your ancestors and to see such drive makes us so proud. It feels like it was just the other day when we had to disperse from island to island because of the population density problem. Clearly, all of your success is from our doing, but we will be modest and just take credit as the foundation of your dynasty. Anyways, my main reason for contacting you people is that we are having a small family reunion get-together kind of thing in 10 sundowns. With this meeting, we are going to trying and help you re-organize your social systems to match our thoughts and teach you all a little something about true rituals. Anyways, tata for now. PEACE BRO!

Lapita Peoples - Sup POLYS! So, we definitely know we are the same people, but I bet it even took the British and the English to figure out their differences as well. Anyways, enough talk about those less-tanned people. How are you people? How has the societies been keeping up? And the new cheifs, yup we have heard of those hideous scandals with that Samoa chief and the priestess. O darling, I digress. Well if you were wondering we aren't doing too bad for ourselves. We have finally set up our extensive trade and communication system among the many different island villages that we have come to know. We have basically become as civilized as those prized Asian countries. Trading has become a new hobby of ours, and though we have VERY limited resources, just the spirit of trading like other countries is joyous. Other than that we have started to mold the mud we find at the banks into these pots, SO MUCH FUN!! Anyways, we have sent pots your way, ENJOY!

British - Chip Chip Cheeri oh! You think that existing on the some isolated island would save you people from becoming part of our alleged empire. And clearly, you people were not the first ones to find the islands, even though it is obvious that your ancestors came to the islands around 1500 B.C.E. It was DEFINITELY James Cook, who came 2900 years after your ancestors, that established any sort of society on those islands. And by suppressing all your confidence with our absolute b.s., we have practiced our imperialistic tendencies and tried to take you people over. Unfortunately, our high prophetic, developed mind say that the USA will do that before we can actually get any proper grasp on you. Bloody Americans! Well, anyways, just wanted to deflate your egos... tata!

Maya - What is hanging development brethern! Yes, we know that we are in Latin America, quite far from where you people reside. However, as I states before, we are development buddies. Because, we both live in these totally isolated from the rest of the world places, we have inevitably became the loners of the bunch. But, LONERS UNITE!! DUH! We both are agrarian because farming is clearly the best thing to do. It is not just the agriculture that we share in common, but it is also the fact that everything e do has been triggered by our love for it. Because of agriculture, we have been able to develop and make organized societies. So, anyways, as we sit here deifying agriculture, we were going to have a GO GREEN party with the Chavins, so we are extending the invite... hope to see you there!

United States of America - POLY WHAT! POLY WHO! POLY WHAT! POLY WHO! What is up in the his house! Enough of this gangster talk, let us get to the chase. We need to make arrangements for the Queen's funeral. We were thinking a nice beach side ceremony with lots of hibiscus and pineapple. And, instead of wearing black, we were thinking cliched jimmy buffet-type hawaiin shirts. They will add nostalgia to her decomposing bodies. Other than that, a few more brokers from the banana companies are going to come down and purge you of your land and grow the USA's favorite potassium supplier. Also, aside form that, Bob Dole was supposed to get back to you about some new bite-size pineapple pitch. Anyways, enjoy the six hours it will take for us to get there...
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