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Kingdom of Kongo
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We were one of the greatest sea bering peoples of the 17th century. Henry the navigator became helped our empire spread throughout much of South America and to Japan. Henry the Navigator gave us many new tools to help us find our way around the open ocean. He came up with a compass that is still used to the present times. We had one of the most productive trade routes that was on the face of the earth. It was called the Triangular trade route. It went from the Carribean and Brazil up to Europe and then down to Africa which came back to our colony in the New world. There was also another version of the trade route that went to America, back to us (Europe) and down to Africa but the first one was much more adventageous to us.


We Portuguese have a great taste of architecture. In our country there are many examples of different early empires with Roman architecture like the Roman Arch. In our great country there was also a great amount of Gothic style in the cities as well which date back to 1230 to about 1450. The architecture during the Renaissance was present in Portugal but it did not catch on well with us. Many of the Cathedrals in our country were made during the Romanesque period and then were added on and fixed up during the Gothic period. When people think Portugal many people think about our historic advances at sea. However many other things were invented in Portugal. Many different types of dances orioingate in Portugal which include the Circle Dance, Fandango, Two Steps waltz, Schottische, Corridinho, Vira, and the Bailarico. Many painters and Paintings also originate in Portugal as well.


Our main religion in Portugal is Catholicism. We are monotheisic bunch and are very conservative


Blog1: 1496
Today we got reports that one of our best navigators found away to India. It goes around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and travels around the Indian Ocean. When we got to India the ports that we visited were thriving with activity. Many merchants had carts full of spices, herbs, fruits, clothes, that many of the men had never seen before. We offered our goods to the merchants but they did not seem very interested.
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Blog2: 1513
Today we set sail for one of the greatest adventures ever attempted. We are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean and set sail for the New World. We know from the reports that Christopher Columbus that there are vast resources in this New world and there are people there that can be very useful for helping us find gold. We plan to sail a little south of where Columbus landed. We hope to Colonize and keep up a strong rule to benefit both us and the colony. We plan to expand and use the resources we get in the New Wolrd and bring our technologies to the New World. We want to create a trade route across the Atlantic to connect all the European Countries along with their colonies together. We would use these trade routes to trade all sorts of things which could benefit the world.

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Blog3: 1523
We started building our colony in the area of South America in Brazil. We got it in a very interesting treay with other European countries. We got to keep most of the area below the Carribbean and the other countries would stay out of South America. We found many resources in Brazil. Much of Brazil is jungle with an ample supply of wood. There are also many many rivers leading throughout much of the colony. This is good becuase it means that we can have ports deep in the country and have sea access to them. However it is more adventageous to us to have our Ports out on the Sea. As we mentioned in Blog 2 we are joining the Triangular trade. This is going to be a great system. We are going to be moving tons of goods and people throughout much of the Atlantic world. This is goin to last for long time according to our calculations and we hope that it will not only benefit us but the whole world.

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The Wall

Hello! Welcome to the Western Hemisphere! Just wanted to say that I'm glad the Pope established that line to divide our lands. Now that that's resolved, we can be colonial neighbors! Good Luck moving i. Sincerely, The Spanish

Ha ha! The Brazil just overran you guys and are independent. Now, there's a new man in town...we are gonna change everything you guys did...yeah, thats right....independent states...with military rule...and theres nothing you can do to stop us. In your face! --Caudillos

We have trade restrictions for a reason. Your ships cannot get into our ports, so you should not try again. The last ship you sent faced severe consequences for attempting to trade with us. We beheaded sixty-one of your merchants. Hopefully the thirteen we spared made it back to Portugal to inform you that we strictly enforce our policy against foreigners and trade. Hoping to not see you soon, Japanese (Tokugawa Shogunate)

I applaud you efforts to spread Catholicism to the new world. I'm proud of what you have done and I hope you continue the great effort. The papal is very pleased with you as well and he is hoping that you are happy with the division of lands . May God Bless. Catholics

Kingdom of Kongo: Thanks for trading so much with our kingdom and converting our people to Catholics, but relations between us are not so good now because you decided to leave us and trade with the Ndongo kingdom because they were more "profitable."

Just to let you guys know, Emperor Kangxi recently issued an edict forbidding trade from foreign countries in China, I know you guys ahve set up numerous ports along the seaside, but you're going to have to abandon them, the Chinese government means buisness; we do not want any foreign influences causing radical change within our traditional Chinese dynasty. Not to completely cut you guys off, the emperor is allowing you to use the port at Macau to set up international trade. Hope you understand.
--Scholar Bureaucrats