external image protestants-250x300.jpg1500sCE-Present=Martin Luther who helped reform the church and we have named the first Protestant churches after him. external image 1839Updated1214.jpg This map shows where we send most of our missionaries and where we have influence in the world.


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We are a Christian protest movement originating in the early 16th century in Germany opposing Roman Catholicism. WE believe that no human being is infallible, and that Christ alone is the head of the church unlike the Catholic Church. Our followers believe that the church’s authority does not come from apostolic succession, but instead is derived from the Word of God. Spiritual power and authority does not rest in the hands of a mere man, but in the very Word of God recorded in Scripture.


We are another form of Christianity that broken away from its Catholic routes. We believe that the Bible alone is the sole source of God’s special revelation to mankind, and as such it teaches us all that is necessary for our salvation from sin.We view the Bible as the standard by which all Christian behavior must be measured. Also we believe that on the basis of faith in Christ alone, believers are justified by God as all their sins are paid for by Christ on the cross and His righteousness is imputed to them. Therefore believing in Christ , cleans away your sins.


Blog1-The great Martin Luther helped separate us from the Catholic Church. We can't believe their ways of teaching the religion that was created by our Lord and Savior Jesus Almighty Christ. Well now we are starting our own church and it is going to be amazing. We need to set up more churches everywhere , I''m going to tell them where we should start. THerefore ta ta and have a good day.
Blog2-The English are trying to profit form the idea of the separation of the church. THey want us to help make the Church of England therefore they dont have to give anything to the Catholic church. Everyone is so happy about this except for me , because instead of the pope controlling us it will be the English King when it should be God. :/ I am so mad right ugh!!!!!!.
Blog3-Well I am about to go to the new world to start a life because I do not believe this is how the church should be run. I can not write much right now because my 4 year old daughter is lost in the woods somewhere and the heavens know that I have told her a billion times that she should never run away from me . Well when I find her or if we would be going to the new world to make sure the Church has no corruption there.
GoodBye and God Bless

The Wall

There is no way you are taking over our Irish homes. That is why we have the signs that say "God Bless This Irish Home" so that the protestants won't take over. You may have gotten the King of England to practice your ways but you will never be able to get aybody in the hoem of the Irish.
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You rock! Don't those crazy Irish Catholics make you feel bad. The Catholics are so horrible to us, what with them exiling us to South Africa. It's okay, though, because it just shows how scared of us they are. - The Afrikaners

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