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The early inhabitants of Prussia are descendents of Western Slavic and Baltic tribes of Germanic peoples. In 1226, Prussia was conquered by the Teutonic Knights, a military religious order, who converted the Prussians to Christianity. The Teutonic Knights were overthrown by the Prussians with help from Poland and Lithuania in 1454. Prussia was divided into Royal Prussia in the west and Ducal Prussia in the east.

Like the Austrians and their Hapsburg family our ruling family was the Hohenzollerns. First they took over the states of Prussia and Brandenburg. in 1640, at the age of 20, our great leader Fredrick William, also known as the Great Elector decided to build up the Prussian
army in order to ensure safety for our glorious nation. Our Great Elector and his descendants established a system of absolute monarchy in the great state of Prussia. At the time we had Europe's best standing army of 80, 000 men. In order to pay for the army the the Great Elector introduced a system of permanent taxation. At first our noblility, the Junkers, resisted the authority of the Great Elector, but he bought them all off. He also gave the Junkers the right to be officers in the Prussian army. His descendent Frederick, the Great maintained some of the Great Elector's military policies. However, he lightened many of the domestic laws and encouraged religous toleration and legal reform unlike his atheist father. Frederick, the Great believed that he should be a father figure to us.

Frederick the Great wanted the iron ore in Silesia, a land owned by Austria so he sent troops to occupy the area where he was met with Austrian troops. So began the war of Austrian Succession. The filthy French betrayed us by cutting a deal with the Austrians. The Russians as well. However, we allied ourselves with the great naval power, Britain. The Seven years war began in 1756 when our Frederick II invaded Saxony.


Prussian religion was based on early Germanic pagan beliefs but during the 16th century Protestant reformation we converted to the Lutheran church.
Frederick I was a strict atheist, but Frederick II allowed religious tolerance.


Blog Entry 1
1640 CE We have been uniting several Germanic states and have built our army strong under the leadership of Frederick I we hope to move into take over the Silesia region that is full of iron, textiles, and food products. We hope to seize the lands we desire from that witch Maria Theresa. The future is looking good for our strong and united nation. We intend to work with our allies the French in order to destroy Austria.

Blog Entry 2
1730 CE The Great Elector is worried that his son is not militaristic enough to take care of the state of Prussia. His son, Frederick, is interested in music, philosophy, and poetry. Thats no way to be a leader! We just need to have a WARRR. Sohave decided the prince and his best friend tried to run away so the Great Elector beheaded his son's best friend.

Blog Entry 3
1756 CE Our Frederick the Great has achieved much and is well respected among the Prussians. He has provided legal protectin against religious persecution, reduced censorship, and improved education. He has also reformed the justice system and abolished the use of torture as the means of punishment and interrogation. We, the Prussian people, He has recently discovered that the cutthroat Austrians have signed a deal with the disgusting French. We have decided to team up with the British against the French, the Austrians, and the Russians. Hopfully this war ends in about seven years. =P

Blog Entry 4
1864 CE Otto Von Bismark has invaded Denmark and quickly conquered he provinces of Schleswig and Holstein. We are extremely proud of the Prussia nation and are glad to be citizens here. Prussia will now serve as the head of the unified German estate. The conquered German States greatly appreciate our rule and have new found respect for us after our recent conquest. However, our Austrian allies have turned against us because of border disputes and we have engageg in war for seven weeks now. We have been humiliating Austria with our superior training and equipment.

Blog Entry 5
1867 CE We have united all of Prussia and the germanic states and now prussia dominates the North German Confederation headed by the great Otto Von Bismark. We now face France in the Franco-Prussian war which we are sure to win. our soldiers are pouring into northern France. The last piece of our unification is at hand now. We hope to see King Wilhelm I of Prussia crowned Kaiser very soon.
"It is the destiny of the weak to be devoured by the strong"
- Chancellor Otto von Bismark

The Wall

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I am the servant of the state and i promise the prussian people that i will seerve and strengthen the country.
-Frederick II

STAY AWAY FROM MY IRON ORE! If you think sending in troops and occupying that territory is going to stop our beautiful and warlike leader maria theresa then think again buddy.

HAHA we have cut a deal with the austrians and no longer need your asistance, see ya later suckerrrr, there is no purpose in maintaing our mutual alliances and agreements... your end is near
- france

yo we can help a brotha' out, we hate the french and can provide sufficient naval support for you.

hey, we havent reall


"A prince... is only the first servant of the state, who is obliged to act with probity and prudence... AAs the sovereign is properly the head of a family of citizens, the father of his people, he ought on all occasions to be the last refuge of the unfortunate." - Frederick II, Essay on Forms of Government.

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