When we traveled across the Atlantic to reach America many new technologies were employed in order to make the lengthy journey. We needed to use things such as the obvious, a ship we called The Mayflower, but also numerous navigation devices. One such device we used was a jackstaff which measures the distance between the North Star and the horizon. Another was the quadrant, an instrument which aligns the North Star and the sun. Finally the compass, we use to show the travelers which way is north. Theses devices all permitted us to safely navigate our way to New England.
Our culture is one of the most strict views. We believe in order and disciple. Any crime regardless of how small should be punished harshly; especially that of the wicked practicing of devil worshiping or, “Wicca.” Any sacrilegious activities, such as this should be stomped out immediately. Discipline should be taught at a young age, children should be beaten for misbehavior. Such says one of our favorite quotes, “spare the rod spoil the child.” Our dress is plain and simple, no lavishness is needed and bright colors are not to be worn. This and all luxuries are unacceptable in our culture.
We puritans are a small sect of Christianity. We follow the same basic rules as Catholics and Protestants, and like them we worship the bible, god, the holy son, and the Holy Spirit. However our way of life differs greatly from there’s. We do not approve of frivolous celebrations such of Christmas and Easter, which occur in the Catholic and protestant sects. We value hard work and strict rules. We believe that daily attendance of Church is a must in order to keep people good and honest.
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Our journey to the new world.

Blog 1:
A large group of us puritans left our home in England as pilgrims to escape the religious persecution we were receiving in England from the English Protestants. We sailed to the new world named America on a ship called the Mayflower. Although originally headed north to land near the Virginian colony of Jamestown harsh conditions have caused us to be forced north and we have crash landed more northerly on a rock. We have dubbed this place New England. We will take up residence here but remain faithful to King James in our homeland.

Blog 2:
When we first arrived in Plymouth survival was very difficult. In the first months of our stay half of our population has perished. This is mostly caused by starvation since we have not had the time needed to begin producing crops before the harsh New England winter began. Our entire town would have most likely not survived if it had not been for these strange Indians. Our leader Bradford had, not long after arriving met with an Indian leader, Squanto. Squanto and his tribe have helped us grow crops, and given us food. We owe them much thanks.

Blog 3:
A new plague has spread here from Europe. However, it is not a disease per say, but a blasphemous crime against civilization. This crime would be witchcraft. At first we thought we were safe from devil worshipping that had occurred in Europe, but now four Salem girls have come down with maladies that could only be from this. So far we know that the only way to redeem ourselves in the eyes of god is to put all of these treacherous creature to death at once.


The Puritans (1564-1660)

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painting of us upon arrival


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