Qin Dynasty (221 B.C.E. - 206 B.C.E.)

external image Qin---Terra-Cotta-Archer.jpg
A terra cotta archer, one of the over six thousand other famous statues found inside the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi

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A map showing the extent of the influence of the Qin dynasty and major cities


Zhou Dynasty
Han Dynasty


We relied on new, highly effective iron weapons to acheive the unification of China, and we also constructed the mighty, Great Wall Of China, a defense system so massive it can be seen from space. However besides these technological acheivements, little other progress was made in this feild. I mean come on, our dynasty only lasted for fifteen years. What more do you want?


We have truely unified china both politically and socially. Laws have been standardized, along with currencies weights and measures in order to promote unification. Also, we have standardized written Chinese script so everyone in all areas of the country can be understood in at least one way. We have also largely removed any discussion on philosophy, history, literature and ethics with the forced burning of books of those subjects. Our tight control ofeveryone is the only thing keeping the peace. The people will thank us someday.


While Daoism and Confucianism are still popular schools of thought and religions amoung the peasentry, they criticize my rule and my governmnet and that is unacceptable. My government is extremely harsh when it comes to insurrection and critism and any open worship and attempts to undermine governmental power have been forced underground.


Blog Entry One:
221 B.C.E. -- China is finally reunified and larger and more powerful than ever. Under my leadership, the Qin clan slowly overcame all other opposition for the throne of China and has successfully ended The Period of The Warring States. Therfore it only seems fit to proclaim myself, the powerful Qin ShiHuangdi, the First Emperor of All China. I will not make the same mistakes of my predecessors the Zhou dynasty, I will keep my governmnet centralized and tightly under control to prevent any rebellions or uprisings. The Mandate of Heaven has passed to me.
Blog Entry Two:
3rd Century B.C.E. -- I have had a breakthrough idea. The people living along the northern edge of my empire have been building walls aorund their land for centuries in an attempt to keep invaders out, what if I organized a massive work force to connect all the existing walls to create one large wall to protect all of China. This undertaking will be remebered for years to come and will protect my dynasty and ensure its reign for thousands of generations.
Blog Entry Three:

3rd Century B.C.E. -- I have conscripted thousands of workers and artisans and resources to complete the construction of my royal tomb. I imagine a tomb filled with ranks of warriors eternaly guarding my royal body and ready to guard it against all raiders and treasur hunters. I will also add many other treasures and riches to my tomb so that it may be the envy of the empire. I don't think I could have started this process at a better time. I already feel my health starting to fade and I don't know how much longer I will be around. I hope my empire can survive without me.

The Wall

Legalists Finally, a dynast that demonstrated a strong enforcement of the legalist beliefs! We know better than anyone that the development of the state is the most important thing. We congratulate Qin Shihuangdi on the burning of books and his disposal of scholars. Whos needs all of that unique garbage?

Hey, leave my scholars alone! So what if they support knowledge and respect, and won't tolerate your control-freak attitude? They're doing what's right for society! -Confucianism
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