Rapa Nui

The mysterious Moai on Easter island
A map of easter island


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Unknown: Suspected to be large cranes, rollers and complex carving tools, to be able to make the huge Moai Statues


The population of Easter Island reached its peak at perhaps more than 10,000, far exceeding the capabilities of the small, isolated, island's delicate ecosystem. Resources became scarce, and the once lush palm forests were destroyed. They were cleared for agriculture and the logs were used for moving the massive stone Moai. Because of this Easter island became an ecological disaster. After our reasources were depleated, our thriving and advanced social order began to decline into bloody civil war and, evidently, out of starvation, cannibalism. Eventually, all of the Moai standing along the coast were torn down by the islanders themselves ( All of the statues now erected around the island are the result of recent archaeological efforts). Our Contacts with western "civilization" proved even more disastrous for the island population which, because of slavery and disease, had decreased to approximately 110 by the turn of the century.


Unknown: Suspected to do with the Maoi and worship or the nature and the ocean.


Blog 1 1000-1600 C.E.: All is well, we are now using the islands resources, shariing them with eachother in a virtuial harmonous relationship with the land. Some of the clans have begun competing to see who could build the most magnificant Maoi, but no harm can come form that (island pop > 10,000).

Blog 2 1550 C.E : Harm did come from the competition, the massive stone Maoi need to be rolled to the cost, via wooden rollers. The island is now completley bare, we are low on foon and some are even suggesting cannabalism (island pop <= 7,000).

Blog 3 1600 C.E: It has come to that The island is full of fear, canabalism and starvation is rampant it has become a common occurance, there are few of us left maby only 1 of 2 hundred it is horroble we will all die (island pop <= 150).

The Wall

Cool, Easter Island !!!!! ...We'll have to go there and visit all of you Rapa Nui sometime. Peace out, the Early Hebrews and the Israelites !!!
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