Roman Mithraists, first century - early 300s C.E.

The god Mithras




Our interest in astrology led to a large development of astrological and astronomical
schools. These schools helped lead to the invention of the first telescope by Pater
Sittius Synistor (1365-1370). This invention led to the discovery of the moons of
external image med_jupiter_moons2.jpg
We helped to discover many celestial obejects such as the moons of Jupiter
shown above.


Members of Mithraism were initiated into the faith in closed ceremonies. It was
in these ceremonies that they were taught the myths of Mithras. In our faith
there were different levels of worship which gave members different ranking. The
majority of members chose to concentrate on the ceremonies, yearly feasts,
and trying to seek higher rank. Others who chose more religious paths spent a
lot of time in meditations, different forms of military training, or the
study of physical law. These three practices helped to teach what we called "the
order of the skies". The emperor was considered to be the highest ranking
member of the Mithraist faith. He was also thought to be the embodiment
of Mithras himself.


We had the last pagan state religion. We worshipped the god Mithras whom we
called "the Light of the World". He was the true symbol of truth, justice, and
loyalty and the mediator bewteen heaven and earth. Mithras was also a member
of the Holy Trinity. His mother was a virgin, given the name 'Mother of God'. As a
result of this, Mithras was celibate throughout his entire life and greatly valued
self-control. We held many similarities to the faith of Christianity. For instance, we
believed that Mithras was born on December 25 and we celebrated his birthday
every year. We believed in heaven and hell and that we could achieve purification
through baptism. Bread and wine were used to symbolize the body and blood of


Blog Entry One: 200 C.E.
I was finally initiated into the Mithraist faith today. Now I feel like I really fit in with
my fellow Roman soldiers. I guess so many soldiers make connections with this
religion because they consider the god Mithras as a symbol of strength, courage,
and discipline. With worpshipping Mithras we are sure to have a stronger military
power. I heard that some of our military garrisons are going to receive Mithaist
altars and temples, which is great.

Blog Entry Two: 210 C.E.
Because I am a women, I am not allowed to join the mithraist faith. Today I decided
to join a club of the Great Mothers. This club is made up of women who, like myself,
are wives of soldiers. We preformed a blood ritual today in which we slaughtered a
bull. I was taught that this symoblized how Mithra killed a bull, the first living creature,
and formed the world from the bull's body.

Blog Entry Three: 255 C.E.
Today I was initiated into the final level of Mithraism. I have never been so happy.
I am now considered as one of the Fathers of the religion. Now I can walk around like
the boss carrying a Phrygian cap, a staff, a patera (a sickle-like sword).
My level, called the Paters, are associated with the god Saturn who is one of the
oldest deities in the Roman pantheon. There are many legends that pair him with
the founding of Rome.

The Wall


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