Romanov Tsars

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Turks, Ottoman Empire
Britain, France during Crimean War
New working class of Russian peasants in the factories who claim low standards of living and poor work conditions
Japan during Russo-Japanese War


After the Crimean War, we wanted to move towards industrialization. Count Sergei Witte is our prime mover behind industrializtion. The technology of railroad construction establishes links among our most distant lands of Russia. Also, the technology of railroads opened Siberia for settlement and industrialization because of our trans-Siberian railway. We have many factories that our now working class peasants work in and because of these factories our country is becoming more industrialized.

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The tsars of Russian cannot understand why we are not liked by our people. We emancipated the peasant serfs and gave them jobs where they were no longer slaves to the landowners of our country. Our emancipation of them led to greater industrialization of our country which is giving us more power as a nation. We see many revolts from our workers and they complain that their standard of living and wages are much too low, however us tsars seem to be living quite well at the top, and the landowners have no complaints so the industrial system shall continue.
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We have the support of the Russian Orthodox Church as Tsars, however, only roughly half of Russia observe the Russian Orthodox faith. Less than half even speak the Russian language. A vast majority of this country's population is made up of the serfs and these people lack the faith in the Church which is why the percentage of Russians who are faithful to the Church is so low.
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1) 1820 Here is Russia we rule multiethnically, multilingually, and multiculturally. The tsars rule an area from the Pacific Ocean to Poland. This territory of land encompasses many different peoples, languages, and cultures. As Tsars we take it as our responsibility to make sure that the serfdom system is kept intact and that there are defined social classes. The Tsars backed by the Russian Orthodox Church will be all powerful and the nobles and landowners will have their share of wealth and power as well. The serfs will work for these landowners and nobles and the system shall continue.
2) 1860 Now that we have finished our battle of the Crimean War, it is time to look towards the future for our country. Industrialization means power. As Tsar I will appoint Count Sergei Witte to head the move towards industrialization in hopes that we can have profitable factories, expanding railroad systems, and be the most powerful country in the world.
3) 1903 I am very satisfied with the progress of Industrializing Russia. However, I am disappointed that after emancipating so many serfs, they still revolt and rebel even though they are now working class and out of 'slavery'. These peasants should be more grateful. Along with the insubordination of the peasants, I am also angered with the Japanese. Our expansion movements to East Asia have Manchuria, Korea, and Japan in upheaval. War seems to be inevitable..

The Wall

serfs- (#1) i would like to thank the tsars who emancipated us. we are no longer treated like slaves and we have the opportunity to progress as people in society now that we are in the working class. i owe this opportunity to the wonderful russian tsars --vladimir
serfs- (#2) i am disgusted with my current lifestyle. there was no generosity in the emacipation of serfs, those tsars were selfish and could only see the glorious industrialization in the future. i worked for a lovely family and now i am working for low wages for long hours and i do not get to see my family. this lifestyle is terrible for me and it is all due to the selfishness of these russian tsars
Ottomans- we are upset with the actions taken against our empire. your constant need for expansion is burning bridges for you Russia. soon you will have no allies and all will be against you because of your attempts to take conquest in lands other than your own
Japan- your expansion movements are beginning to upset us.. yes, you are large and industrialized but if you continue to have your eye on these east asian lands, there will be some action taken. -- japanese shogunate
segei witte- thank you tsars for your decision to appoint me as the head of your industrialization planning. with my planning you will become the most technologically advanced and industrialized country and russia shall be world dominant. getting all the serfs to work in the factories is a good plan and they will think it a gift for being freed from serfdom. give it a shot.. -Serg

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