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We have gunpowder technology and access to firearms but we initialliy did not use them due to the trust in Shah Ismail, and we think it as unreliable. Then, Shah Abbas The Great rejuvinated our empire, and the production of gunpowder weapons is greatly increasing. Also, we use horses as the mod of transportation and especially during war. Later on, the Europeans helped develop our naval technology, though developed may still be generous as we barely tipped the iceberg. We do have a few ships, but it is still nowhere to be considered a strength of our empire.


We believe that Shah Ismail's ancestry dates back to Safi al-Din, the leader of a Sufi religious order in northwest Persia. Then, the famous tomb and shrine of Safi al-Din at Ardabil becomes Shah Ismail's family home, named "Safavids," leading to the name of our empire. Also, the twlfth imam has gone into hiding since 874 to escape persecution, but we believe that he is still alive and will return to power and spread his religion! As a result, Ismail's father instructs all his Turkish followers to wear a red hat with twelve pleats, leading them to being known as the qizilbash ("red heads"). Overall though, we are very proud people and that cause us to be extremely conservative in our mind set. We think we are so superior to the Europeans that we have nothing to learn from them. Our way of thinking has led us to miss out on many European technological advances and cultural developments.


We believe in Twelver Shiism, a belief that there has been twelve imams (religious leaders) after Muhammad, which begins with Muhammad's cousin Ali. We also impose Twelver Shiism by force if necessary to gain followers. Although, a portion of our population follow Christianity, Judaism, and Zoroastrian also.


Blog 1: 1514
It is 1514, we are on the plain of Chaldiran, and the time for war against the Ottomans has arrived. Across us the Ottomans are deploying heavy artillery and Janissaries with firearms, though they are behind a barrier of carts, those cowards! Ironic how they hide behind carts when they have the gunpowder! Unlike them, we choose to fight like men, without firearms, and we believe in our leader Shah Ismail along with our fearless qizilbash cavalry. Together, nothing can stop us as we fight for the great Safavid Empire! So it begins, the battle starts and one by one, our fierce cavalry drops like flies to the Ottoman fire power. Our only hope is to try and outlast the Ottoman onslaught, but at this moment, it does not look likely and just staying alive would be wonderful right about now. From the looks of the battle, we are devastated and to make things worse, the Ottomans have captured our capital at Tabriz. Even our great leader Shah Ismail barely escapes from this tragedy. What an unfortunate day this has become...
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Blog 2:
The new forms of trade have really benefited our people as a whole. The Columbian exchange has brought many American crops to our attention and have become a part of our regular diet. They just taste so good, how could we have possibly survived without them for this long? It seems crazy now that you think about it. The European merchants have given us maize, potatoes, tomatoes, and other such crops to our empire. All these new crops have found a spot in our cuisine, though we are not quite found of the maize. In reutrn, we give them silks and other various quality items. Speaking of maize, it is just not as appetizing as the other crops and we wonder how those silly Americans can eat such a thing. Us on the other hand, Instead of eating this "Maize" ourselves, we just feed the maize to our animal stock. After all, a crop that is not fit for humans should not be eaten by humans and should go to the animals. We are still puzzled at how the Americans eat "maize" when it is clearly animal food. IAlso, it is a pretty good thing that the Columbian exchange brings the tasty food to us, as we just do not have the technology to go all the way to the western hemisphere and get it ourselves. Our naval technology is just not as advanced yet.
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Blog 3:
Current times are not going well for our people, as religious tensions now fill the air. It is purely ironic that the Safavid Empire, who started by destroying Sunni religious authorities, are now being dominated by the same Shiites that we once supported. The Shiites are being extremely unreasonable as they are pressuring the shahs to eliminate Sunnis, non-Muslims, and the even the Sufis, who helped set the foundation for our beloved empire. It is one thing to go out and kill your enemies, but it is another to try destroy your own people. Also, on top of that, it is just completely dispicable to go kill the people who helped set up the empire! to This whole experience is just disgraceful as someone has to stop them from utterly tearing our empire apart piece by piece. Our once great and powerful empire is now slowly declining thanks to the very same people that originally supported its' rise to power. What a tragic end our people are coming too.
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The Wall

Thank you for letting our religion carry on in your great empire, we truly appreciate it! Your empire is very religiously diverse thanks to your generosity in letting religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and along with myself compliment your religion of Islam! Here's a toast to more good times in the future and basically, you rock! - Zoroastrianism

Hey, the Ottomans over here, just dropping by to give you guys a message. We do not like you and we do not want you spreading your propaganda among the Turks in our territory. Consider this a warning, OR ELSE! We already fought once over this at Chaldiran, and we completely destroyed you, do you really want to test us again? If you do, you know who will win, and we will be waiting.- Your beloved enemy, the Ottomans

We understand that you have found a keen liking for our crops such as potatoes, tomatoes, and maize. We are glad that you like them but they do come at a cost, for nothing in this world is free. In return, we want your raw silk, carpets, ceramic, and other high-quality craft items. I am sure this will benefit both sides as we both have a sharp interest in each other's goods. So, lets keep trading as we see nothing wrong in how each of us are doing business. Enjoy the crops as we will certainly enjoy the silks, and hopefully we continue our rising friendship! - Holy Roman Empire

How's it going down there in the middle east, because we're having a pretty good time up here in England, especially since you have started trading with the English East India Company. We really like your silks and other craft items. In return, we're giving you some of our most accomplished and smartest military advisors, so they can help familiarize you guys with our new best friends, gunpowder. It's awesome! Also, I hope our efforts in providing your people with a navy will not go to waste, as you should instantly take over Hormuz in the Persian Gulf from those pesky Portuguese and do everyone a favor! - British

Hey, did you hear about the new printing press from Europe? Imagine what kind of things we can do with this type of tool. We can speed up the process of writing and even create books, wouldn't that be something! We know you guys prefer the old way of hand-writing everything, and that's cool too. Though, it never really hurt to look into anything, and who knows, your people might like it! - Islamic Empire


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