Saljuq Turks (1071 C.E. - Capture of Anatolia)

One of our ancient texts in modern book form.


Seleucid Empire
The spread of our peopole (the Saljuq Turks) from Turkey throughout the middle east.


Arrows, but mostly we trade extensively for all of the items that we needed.


Ours was originally a nomadic society where class was very fluid. One could obtain a noble's status through outstanding leadership in our community or by showing outstanding military leadership. The nobility rank was then passed on to one's children, however, if they failed to live up to expectations, then they would lose their privilidged title. You would then go back to herding or possibly leading caravans across huge regions.


Our original religion was based on the instruction of shamans, who worked as messangers of the gods. However, through extensive trade, our people came into contact with many different religions, and many converted first to Buddhism, Nestorian Christianity, and Manichaeism, and then in masses to Islam.


Blog Entry One Finally, I have obtained the satus of sultan! For years now I have controlled every aspect of this Abbasid empire, and the caliph who thinks of himself as the ruler of this nation was sorely mistaken. He was and is solely a figurehead, and now I will finally be officially recognized as the ruler of this empire! Everyone shall always remember how I, Tughril Beg, gave the Saljuq Turks their power in this region. Blog Entry Two Today is a glorious day for our people! Myself and thousands of my kinsman have been migrating to this region they call Anatolia for years now, and we now number a significant percentage of the population. Finally, in a battle with the Byzantine forces in the city of Manzikert, our people's army destroyed those barbarians who could not match our cunning and daring on the battlefield. Now, also, our Islamic faith will be supported by the government. Hopefully, they will levy heavy taxes on the Byzantine church and force all to convert to our faith! Blog Entry Three Over the past few years I have carefully worked up to my position in society. I am a very social person who can easily talk to people. I have taken on more and more responsibility in my community because people respect me so much. I usuallly just deal with our local affairs, because the tribes do not like to be told what to do. Now that war is upon us, though, I will assume complete control, in order to unite our people in the face of annhilations.

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