A Traditional Band with Pipes and Drums

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The Famous Edinborough Castle and the Military Tattoo

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A Map of Our Great Country

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Holy Roman Empire
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Like many other European countries we amde colonies in the new world. Scotland founded a colony in modern day Canada called Nova Scotia, which stands for New Scotland. We also established a colony in modern day South Carolina. Continuing with overseas establishments the Scottish got involved in the Darien Scheme.



The Scottish are very proud of their heritage. The herritage that we have has always been an on again off again relationship with the British. In the 1400's and 1500's the British tried to take away our most famous instrument the Bagpipes. Now if you look at the Irish page you will see that they too claim to have the bagpipes. They do have a version of the pipes were you move the air with your arm instead of blowing into, but we have the pipes that everybody pictures. The British thought that the pipes were too noisy and instilled riotous thoughts into people. However they could not keep the pipes down. Like the British we have a long line of royalty in our goverments. The kings although not as well known as the British the kings of Scotland influenced much of Europe. When Scotland went to war with Britian the pipes were right behind the soldiers leading them into battle. In WWI and WWII the Germans were quoted as saying that one of the most intimidating things to here was the droning of many bagpipes leading crazy Scottish men into battle. They have been documented as saying that they are the sounds of hell. Today much of the Scottish culture is displayed in massive festivals around the world. There are the heavy events were you have men twice the size of o say the that crazy irish canadian guy in second period Ap world history in burlington high school tossing logs that are twenty feet high. They are throwing rocks that are about 15lbs each. They are tossing shceps into the air and are launching chain link metal balls up to thirty feet. You also have massive piping competitions were many famous bands come and play. These events are held all over the United States as well as the World.


Much of Scotland is a mix of Catholics and Protestants.


Blog:1 1662
Today England launched its campaign to turn Wales, Ireland and Scotland Protestant. King George has gone insane. All because the Pope won't let he and his wife divorce. I think we need to instill some riotous spirit in our people here. We need to take after the Irish who have been fighting the English for what seems to be forever. They are not only are they trying to stop us from being Catholic, but they are taking full advantage of us as pulling the we are bigger and better so we know whats best card on the great country of Scotland.
William Wallace Speech

Blog 2: 1743
Today we claimed a great area in the New Wolrd. It is up by the territories that France and England have. I believe they call that Canada (Strange Name). It is in a very key spot for fishing. The territory that we claimed has been a hot spot for fishing and by claiming that area we hope to gain interest by having a closer port than all the way back in Europe. This area is called Nova Scotia which means New Scotland in Scottish Galiec. We want to be competitive in the New world and be a key spot for fishing as well as ship building, logging and fur trade. Along with Nova Scotia we are also starting a colony in the South near what now is called South Carolina. The weather is much different down there and I don't think the people around there like the Bagpipes.

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Blog 3: 1906
Today our troops Entered WWI. We are trying to defeat the enemy as quick as possible and anything we can do to help will be done. We want to join the forces of the British and Defeat Germany. We sent our troops to battle and we also sent in a Bagpipong Corp and apparently we scared the crap out of the German soldiers. They did not like the sound of them at all and especially didn't like the way that it instilled craziness in the scottish soldiers. They seemed fearless and determined to kill them at any cost. They were the sounds from hell and everytime the Germans looked over the hill and heard those bagpipes they knew that they were in for one hell of a fight. The Soldiers just seem to respond to the Bagpipes like nothing else. It is like they are fighting drunk and don't care what happens to them, but they haven't had a drink. This was very present during the battle of the Somme. This battle was fought between the germans and allied forces which included us and the rest of the UK. A famous toon which is called "The battle of the Somme" is played at military memorials that we have for our fallen heroes.

external image nw_barbedwireent_01.jpg Scottish Soldiers preparing for battle.


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Soldiers from the "Battle of the Somme" fighting in the trenches.

The Wall

The Languages that wer spoken range from Scottish Galiec to English to Auld